Some of us are one hundred percent into sport, ?some of us are one hundred percent into our movies or books. Others like a little of everything, and with the little known cultural goldmine of Thredbo Village you can have the best of both worlds. Not only is trip down between Sydney and Thredbo interesting with art galleries and other cultural gems but once in Thredbo you'll find a Leisure Centre, a bobsled and many other fun cultural activities around the village that are on offer for those who like to mix it up. Once you've had your fill of mountain biking, hiking, tennis, golf or swimming, you can pass a pleasant day enjoying the many sculptures on the Thredbo Art Walk - there are 30 in total. Grab a hat, sunscreen and water and see if you can spot these sculptures dotted around Thredbo. (Full notes on all the sculptures listed are at the bottom of the article).

Thredbo Art Walk

These are just a few of the sculptures to be found on this self-guided art walk to inspire you to hunt for more: 1. Start in the Village Square after getting yourself a coffee from Central Road Cafe. Find the wombat. sculpture-walk-wombat 2. Head to the top of the stairs leading to the museum and find the trees. sculpture-walk-trees 3. Go down the stairs and had left below the parable to find the emu with its baby. sculpture-walk-emu 4. Head towards the kids playgrounds and find the girl next to the pump track. sculpture-walk-girl 5. Can you find the kangaroo in the playground? sculpture-walk-kangaroo 6. Find the abstract sculpture west of the duck pond near the car park. sculpture-walk-abstract 7. Head back to the Village Square and find the clouds outside the bakery. Finish up with a nice hot pie and a drink. sculpture-walk-clouds

The names of the sculptures are below:

1. Wombats Throne by Edward Hayes 1999. Edward Hayes is a Canberra based artist. He envisaged a place for tired walkers to catch their breath. 2. Snow gums by Peter Simmons 2000. Capturing the essence of snow gum trees prevalence in the area. The artist is from Newcastle NSW. 3. Emu by Silvio Apponyi 2002. Bronze. Artist from south Australia. Silvio works mainly on native Australian animals. 4. Mountain Dance by Thomas Bucich. Inspired by the movement and gesture of snow gum trees. 5. Grey Kangaroo by Silvio Apponyi from South Australia in bronze. 6. Ancestors by Eva volny. 2000. The artist would like her piece to celebrate ALL ancestors. Originally from the Czech republic the artist lives in Victoria. 7. Weather Form by Roger McFarlane 2000. Representing the different aspects of the weather. In Hebel block and stainless steel. A longer more extensive self-guided Art Walk map is available from the Lantern Thredbo Apartment office. Go and see Jill and Ian for a map and visit all 30 sculptures right around Thredbo. Stay in one of the Lantern Thredbo's self-contained apartments and enjoy three nights for the price of two right through the summer season. Enjoy cooking breakfast at your leisure with stunning vistas out your window before setting off for a sculpture walk right around Thredbo village or one of the other self-guided Thredbo walks on offer.