Enjoy spectacular scenery and perfect Thredbo skiing conditions

A Winter Wilderness, Thredbo Backcountry Adventures.

The Snow Sport resorts of Thredbo, Perisher Blue and Charlottes Pass sit  right on the edge of the snow covered Australian Alps.  When you leave the top of  the Kosciuszko Express chairlift in winter and spring you head out into a snow covered wilderness  with spectacular scenery and perfect solitude at every turn.  And there are turns aplenty with huge expanses of untracked snow just waiting.  Whether you are skiing, snow boarding or snow shoeing, this winter wilderness is something special.  It can also be a dangerous place for the inexperienced or unprepared.  With this in mind  we have provided the contact details for some local operators who provide guided trips into the backcountry in winter.

For more information on winter and spring tours call:

K7 Adventures:  P: 0421 862 354
W: www.k7adventures.com.au

Thredbo Snow Sports.  P: 0264594044
W: Thredbo Snow Sports Outdoors

Wilderness Sports.   P: 02 64 562 966
W: www.wildernesssports.com.au

Paddy Pallin Jindabyne.  P:  02 64 576 922
W: www.paddypallin.com.au/jindabyne

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