You know the drill, you go around and around with ideas for where you want to take your family. It's got to tick all the boxes to work. It's gotta be somewhere easy to holiday with kids, and there has be lots of things to do and be within the budget. Check out these eight reasons to make Thredbo your family holiday destination and stop the dithering once and for all.

1. There is plenty of free stuff to do

Next time we head to Thredbo we are taking all of our mountain bikes, particularly the kids? mountain bikes. The pump track next to the kids playground is awesome, especially for little guys planning to go up and down a dirt track and round and round, it's enough of a challenge that they are engaged in what they are doing and adults can sit and watch them right next to the track. Bring some morning tea or a picnic lunch and make a morning of it or an afternoon of it. The Thredbo to Crackenback bike trail has finished its upgrades. It's great for older kids to do with the parents. There's lots of other places to ride around and lots of trails. Where else do you get to ride around on your bikes as a family that such an all in one spot? The Village Plaza is enclosed enough for toddlers or little ones to have a little scooter or bike ride around without fear of cars knocking them over. We all have those things in garages and sometimes don't have the time or the place to use them as we should.


The playground for smaller kids is enclosed which is very important when you have more than one, or your child is a runner or any other issues that crop up from the sheer juggling act of being a parent. There are lots of decent equipment in the playground to interest children from babies to 10 or 12 at the same time. It is certainly better than a lot of urban playgrounds. Also a good spot for a picnic. Its next to a beautiful roaring river, it's very scenic.

Art and Culture

The sculpture walk is a fun thing to do as a family with one or two little ones, it gets you out in the open air walking around, and leads you to a lot of places. Or you can have some lunch or have a coffee in the Village Plaza. Bring a towel or a mat to sit on and a book and while away a lovely hour in the sun. [caption id="attachment_7049" align="alignleft" width="225"]Educational and free museum Educational and free museum[/caption] The museum is free to enter and is small enough to keep your kids interested if you want to pop in for half an hour.

2. Shopping

There are lots of really decent shops in Thredbo Village. The newsagent doesn't just sell magazines and newspapers, but it's worth a browse due to all the little gifts and books and kids stuff. As is the gift shop next to the bakery with its lovely array of jewellery, picture frames, baby items and other giftware. The gallery next door sells lots of awesome candles and rugs and frames and books and artworks, many of it locally sourced and it's well worth a browse.

Supermarket right in the village

If you?ve been caught in Bali looking for a swim nappy (difficult to find) or in a remote camping spot with everyone hungry and nothing defrosted or the camp stove not working, you know that having a supermarket within walking distance is not to be sniffed at. The supermarket is a really decent size, and right in the village. It's not just a little tiny gesture of a shop, but surprisingly well stocked. If you don't have room in your car to bring your own groceries for your holiday, wait and get everything there, or just get your snacks , bread and lunch fillings.

3. The Village is well set up for meals and babysitting

All the restaurants and bars in Thredbo village are within walking distance, so if someone is minding your children when you go out for dinner or lunch, and there's any issues, it's easy to duck back. That's a really nice consideration for families. It doesn?t take an hour to get back in a taxi, its 2 - 5 minutes tops. [caption id="attachment_7385" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lots of food options Lots of food options[/caption] You also don't have to deal with the issue of drink driving if you had one too many, or have to deal with drink drivers on the road. You can hop from one place to the other if you want to kick on, you can also visit restaurants to compare menus before dining, which is quite handy, although booking ahead is recommended especially in busy times. Dining options are very kid friendly, the?Pub is a good place to take your little ones as they have kids meals, colouring-in sheets, and an enclosed terrace with a video arcade featuring Big Buck Hunter among other games to amuse kids while you chat with adults. Yes, you can actually finish a sentence dining out with kids in Thredbo. Bernti's has children's meals and colouring-in sheets as well. The restaurants are all used to children dining there, and do not look down their noses or scowl in horror when you walk in. If you need a babysitter there is a local option. Babysitters are available through Thredbo babysitting. Contact here for details. Prices start from $25 per hour for 2 children.

4. Self catering galore

There are plenty of self-catering accommodation options all through the village. Self-catering keeps the cost down on a family holiday. [caption id="attachment_6657" align="alignleft" width="300"]Kitchens equal easy meals in PJs Kitchens equal easy meals in PJs[/caption] If you are organised and bring along a few frozen meals that travel well, like lasagnas, spaghetti bolognese meat and sauces or curries, as well as all your breakfast items and lunch items, like bread rolls and salad fillings, you can cut down on dining out costs. Most self-catering apartments have BBQs on their balconies which is a beautiful way to end the day. The view from many of the apartments is quite stunning, if you like your vistas majestic with mountains, wildflowers and gently flowing rivers. Self-catering also means kids can be fed in their pyjamas and go straight to bed, or for breakfast they can stay in the pyjamas until the last minute before you head out to do activities. Good for fussy eaters too as you can bring specialised meals or dietary requirements. Being organised and all these little things like feeding kids in pyjamas, or anything that cuts down on whingeing and moaning or stressing out, makes for excellent holiday. It's all these little things. It?s really not the big things that make the difference.?

5. Low-cost activities

Thredbo has lots of low cost activities. The Thredbo Bobsled is it for an all ages family activity and is $7 dollars a ride or cheaper when purchasing multiple tickets.

Pool and Waterslide

The Leisure Centre has a pool waterslide and large blowup obstacle course that suits the entire family. The obstacle course (Mission inflatable) has an extra charge on top of the Leisure Centre entry fee, and the kids have to be able to swim 25 metres, but if they can they absolutely love it. [caption id="attachment_7533" align="alignleft" width="300"] Mission Inflatable Mission Inflatable[/caption] The mind boggles how many times kids can go up and down the waterslide in one hour. No wonder they are tired at night.


Tennis courts are available for hire at a fee of $10 per half an hour with $7 racquet hire, $4 ball hire.


Green fees at the golf course are $15 per person as well As $15 for hire of a golf cart and the course is right in the village you can walk to it from your accommodation.

Chairlift to mountain top

The chairlift ride is $28 per adult, $15 for child or $56 for a family and gets you from the bottom of the mountain to the top where you can: [caption id="attachment_6225" align="alignleft" width="300"]Kids love it Kids love it[/caption] - walk around or - walk up to a look out, - go and have a hot chocolate at Eagles nest, or - if you're feeling adventurous, walk back down the mountain via various tracks. There are better value ways to catch the chairlift (see below) but this is a good alternative if it's just a single chairlift experience your family is after.

6. Not that far in the car

If you want to take your family to have a trek over one of the worlds 7 summits (Mount Kosciuszko) it's all based from Thredbo, a mere six hours from Sydney. You don't have to get on a plane and fly to another continent. If you're thinking one day you want your family to do New Zealand walking tracks or Himalayan walking tracks, this Mt Kozi walk?or other Thredbo walks are a good way to test out your kids because they can surprise you. They can be better walkers then you think, or bigger whingers than you think. Test them out here at least you can have a hot chocolate and catch a chairlift down to your accommodation if they wigg out. I don't think that service is quite available yet in Kathmandu.?

Car stopovers

There are lots of great stopovers on the way down to Thredbo for families. Questacon in Canberra is a really cool interactive science museum that is well worth a few hours or one hour at least. The War Memorial is also really interesting once your kids are five and over. Bredbo Christmas Barn in the town of Bredbo is pretty amazing to stop and have a look at. It is like Disneyland, there is so much Christmas stuff inside that barn it's ridiculous. Every section has a theme and there is theme after theme after theme. The town of Jindabyne is also a good stopping off point. You can give kids a little run around the lake, go kayaking or get some lunch. There are plenty of places to get clothes and coffees and other supplies.

7.?Safe and easy

Safe and easy is not to be underestimated. It's a deal breaker. You don't have to fly anywhere once you're in Thredbo, everything is in walking distance. [caption id="attachment_7778" align="alignleft" width="300"]Plenty to do Plenty to do[/caption] People are friendly and helpful. There is very little danger of drug addicts or pickpockets roaming the streets. No Bali belly, no jet lag either, just a gentle sound of the Thredbo River rushing past and crows calling to each other.

8. All Mountain Pass activity central

Thredbo has an All Mountain Pass which is a good way to see everything and have a go on everything. There is a seven day pass for $148 for adults or $96 for kids. It's $296 for a family pass and it gets you a chairlift access for the week, one game of golf and one game of tennis per day, bobsled rides and leisure centre entry for the week. All for one day it's $49 adult $27 per child Or $96 for a family, which is a good way to Sample everything on offer and see if you want to come back on your next holiday.

Best Things about Thredbo

In a nutshell, the waterslide, chairlift and bobsled rides, fresh air, clean rooms and plenty of places to stretch out in the sun and have a BBQ, a game of tennis, and ride a bike pretty much sums it up.The beauty of the mountains and the lack of traffic background noise like in many cities is a really big drawcard. It's pretty hard not to love Thredbo. Definitely stay at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments, Ian and Jill are accommodation specialists who take care of a whole range of 1 to 4 star self catering accommodation options. Make sure you speak to staff to outline exactly what your needs are, to get the most out of your trip, whether it?s being based in your accommodation close to the base of the hill, or further up the top for great mountain views.? There is a three nights for the price of two special that finishes at the end of the summer season that is worth taking advantage of and there are currently some early bird snow specials that are worth checking out too.