You?ve hit on a fantastic idea! Take your kids skiing for a weekend or an extended family Thredbo holiday for their very first time. They?re at a great age finally. Not that you?ve skied since you were a teenager yourself. What could possibly go wrong?

Keep in mind you?ve got to teach kids in the right order or risk injury. Get them intrigued, get them interested, keep them motivated, get them off and shussing down the slopes. In fact it?s best to hand them over to the professionals, go and have a ski yourselves, have a drink, cheer them on, photos, shopping ? the options are endless. Back in the day? it was all about drills, being hard core and pushing for perfection on techniques. These days the learning area is a very different place. That?s why Thredbo Snow Sports School is an ideal place to get kids skiing. - Kids skiing age 3-6 ? In your mind, it seems like a cruel idea. Taking your precious little one out into the raw elements, shivering away, overextending themselves in unnatural directions. [caption id="attachment_6639" align="alignleft" width="275"]Kids Lessons Kids love Thredboland[/caption]

The reality is far from it.?These days ?fun? is a mandatory part of the experience and Thredboland?is fun incarnate. It?s not just the use of upbeat professionals, a healthy balance of skiing, eating and chilling out, but also the extra activities, like the little ones taking part in a flare run, waving to the parents and a race day.

To see your little ones snow plowing down the hill, big grins on their faces with a helmet twice as big as themselves is beyond cute.

(Opening times: 9am till 4pm and includes lunch but half days are available). ?-?Kids skiing age 7-14

These days kids in this age group are pretty savvy and Thredbo Freeriders keeps abreast of this generation. Why ski with boring old dad and his 1987 one piece ski suit when you can take part in:

- terrain skill building program (once they?ve gained some basic skills), - grabbing air, - riding rails, - getting their skills stamped off in their Skills Passports or - getting cool certificates on race day.

(Opening times: 9am to 4pm and includes lunch).

- Kids skiing age 7-17

It?s great for kids to watch their peers to see how it?s done, either from the back of the pack or get a boost from demonstrating the skills themselves. Thredbo has three hour group lessons or all day programs or private lessons. If you have a special teen who prefers hanging with buddies, they have teen lessons too.

(Opening times: 1pm to 4pm daily so they get to sleep in. Oh yes, they?ve thought of everything).

Mum or Dad had a few lessons so they?re ready to teach the kids skiing?

Kids and adults learn differently. Sometimes when mum or dad has an adult lesson they are keen to pass on tips to their kids. ?Often it backfires because the tips go over the kids heads, the steps are too advanced or the skills just don?t appeal.

[caption id="attachment_5493" align="alignleft" width="300"] Thredbo instructors are chosen for their fun factor[/caption] The most important thing is keeping the kids safe by learning skills in an well-honed order at ski school. Getting them keen is the layer on top of that, and instructors are selected for their patience and their abilities to work with children. It?s often far too difficult to teach your own kids anything anyway, due to the whinge factor that they won?t try on a ?stranger? whom they respect and revere wearing a special uniform. That?s why we hand over the teaching to the swimming teacher or the soccer coach for the same reasons. Check out Thredbo ski packages for kids Childhood has been extended at Thredbo! Kids are now classified as ?kids? up to the age of 17, which means our?free lift and lesson packages?just got even better, as when an adult pays kids go free. You can also save 20% on lift passes when you book 7 days or more in advance. Lantern Thredbo Accommodation Deals The Lantern Thredbo Apartments are conveniently located within walking distance to ski slopes and chairlifts and have accommodation ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms, so it's?perfect?for families. We have?ski packages for kids?as well as?Thredbo accommodation deals, such as the third night free special during the winter season (between June 11th-20th and from September 15th).?Contact us for more information on kids skiing and snow activities this winter season.