Do you have a family full of keen skiers? Do you usually ski in Victoria or Japan or the USA? If you haven?t been to Thredbo and you?re thinking of taking the whole family, it?s good to get the low-down on the 'where', 'what' and 'how' to help you make the most of your Thredbo holiday.?

Where to even start?

Start with the accommodation. Go to the web or pick up the phone to speak to staff from the Lantern Thredbo Apartments, they can talk you through some options for self-contained apartments for your family and give you all the tips.

Next navigate the roads

Accommodation is booked and you?re on your way driving from a major city hub. Give yourself 6 hours from Sydney or 3 from Canberra and follow the Hume Highway south beyond Cooma, Berridale and Jindabyne. Keep your speed slow on your trip because patrol cars adore nothing more than sitting hidden in the trees waiting to spring and fine you. They?re probably just playing online scrabble, but don?t take your chances as often there can be up to 10 patrol cars between Sydney and Jindabyne in winter season. [caption id="attachment_8841" align="alignnone" width="500"]my-thredbo-app MyThredbo app[/caption] Download the MyThredbo App and get started on familiarising yourselves with Thredbo on the way there. It?s a great resource and there?s an online store for tickets, lessons and rentals you can access right from your car.

Luggage Logistics

Find the Lantern Thredbo Apartment office when you drive into Thredbo, it?s on Banjo Drive. Watch for emus, snow, black ice on the road into Thredbo. After you get your keys to your apartment it will either be with a car space or without a car space, but both options are relatively easy. If your apartment lacks a car space park your car outside your accommodation and unload all your luggage. Then divvy up who?s going to unpack and who is going to take the car to the car park. If you?ve drawn a short straw for the car it?s just a couple of minutes walk back to your accommodation so it?s not bad at all.

Shuttle Bus

From the Lantern Thredbo Apartments the shuttle bus runs on a loop all day and into the night every 20 -30 minutes all through the snow season until the end of the October long weekend. It?s a free service and certainly a welcome help to families who prefer to pile into the bus with ski and snowboard paraphernalia. Buses run up to 9pm and up to midnight on Saturday nights and come every 10-15 minutes. [caption id="attachment_8728" align="alignnone" width="500"]Free Thredbo shuttle bus Free Thredbo shuttle bus[/caption]

Entry points

So you?ve woken up, got dressed, fed and are ready to hit the slopes. Where do you even enter the mountain? It?s such a simple thing, but it can be embarrassing to ask someone, especially when everyone looks like they know where they?re going. The entry points to start your chairlift ascents are the Kosciuszko Express, entered through the arcade where lots of shops are, on the mountain side of the footbridge. Then go up the stairs and you?re there. Alternatively you can start from Friday Flat, the beginners mecca of the snow resort. The Gunbarrel Chairlift on the left here ?will take you up to more challenging ski runs if you?ve graduated from the snow plow and are itching to try your luck at something harder. The black or red buses go between Friday Flat and the Village terminal where you can access the Kosciuszko Chair, the white buses go all around the village to the accommodation. The bus stop for Friday Flat is right out the front of Friday Flat as you walk away from the mountain. Buses come regularly and you can take your skis onto the bus with you if you?re hopping around the bus looking for the ski and board attachment, but you will find success if you do that on the white bus. The red bus stops at Friday Flat and the Leisure Centre and the base of the village shopping plaza, where you can also access the Thredbo Museum. This might be handy if you are not skiing, or child minding and you don?t feel like carrying small children from Friday Flat to the village, just jump on a bus.

Lift Tickets

If you haven?t bought your lift tickets you can get them online or from the ticket offices. There is an office located right at the base of the mountain, across the footbridge. The other office is located at Friday Flat, the beginner area at the base of the mountain but to the right of the ski resort. [caption id="attachment_8845" align="alignnone" width="500"]kosciuszko-express Kosciuszko express chairlift. Source: zimbio[/caption]


If you?ve seen signs for Riglet Park, it refers to a special snow boarding program based from Friday Flat for snowboarding beginners. You can also hire snowboards and other equipment from Friday Flat to the left of the mountain (at Friday Flat).


There are a myriad of dining options for all budgets. It?s best to book ahead as places get busy. There is Thai, tapas and steak grill , French dining, Asian street food, hearty ribs and duck, and plenty of pizza and kids options and loads more. Ask the friendly staff at the office at Lantern Thredbo Apartments and they will clear up any other issues and questions. Have fun and if you?re not having fun you?re not trying hard enough!