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Thredbo Ski Museum for Kids

Posted on Thursday, 16th of July 2015

Thredbo Ski Museum for Kids

If you are down in Thredbo this winter and looking for somewhere to take your children to get them out of the snow and the wind, don’t forget the great little Thredbo Ski Museum at the base of the plaza steps, south of Central Road cafe in the middle of the shopping precinct.

All Ages Attraction

This Thredbo free attaction really is an all ages place to take a moment out of your day. You could spend half an hour, or with other children you can sit down at the table and flip through reading material suited to older readers as well.

Interesting Features

If your children are already keen for the sport of skiing or boarding amaze them with the array of different sized, shaped skis and boards made from materials popular through the ages, whether it be metal, plastic or timber.

The height of skis has changed a lot over the decades and it is funny to children what people ‘in the olden days’ considered normal in terms of ski lengths. It is mind-boggling to children the type of clothing skiers wore (prior to snowboarding) that people didn’t freeze to death. And all the photos to prove they actually wore them.


Old Kosciusko Chairlift. Source: Museums & Galleries of NSW

There is a precarious looking gondola and ski boots that look more like something from old fashioned outer space. Funny looking ski poles, head gear and eyewear bound to get a giggle and provoke a lot of conversation. Sure makes kids realise there was life after all before they came along, because often it seems to them as if the world started the day they were born.

Byron Wilson, age 8 from Avalon in Sydney said ”It’s good. No, actually it’s great. I never actually knew that the old fashioned skis were made out of metal”. His younger brother Jesse, age 6 said “Yeah, I liked it. All that olden day stuff. I liked the ski lift thing. It looked cool.”

Modern Day Ski and Snowboard

If your children have their ski and boarding modern day hero and you think inspiring them is fruitful there is plenty of fodder to liven their efforts in the snow. They might want to become the next Torah Bright or Michael Milton. The winter Olympic torch features prominently in the museum, as do lots of Olympic clothes, photos of Olympians and medals.

Living History

Volunteers who work at the Thredbo Ski Museum are full of knowledge about every aspect of Thredbo’s history as well as ski history in general. Frank Prihoda is an eminent Thredbo resident, who was recognised in 2014 for being one of the 5 Faces of Thredbo and can answer any question an enquiring mind can ask.

Thredbo Ski Museum

Thredbo Ski Museum. Source: Thredbo

It is an absolute privilege that we have him work there, it is not often we get the opportunity to get information and knowledge from such a direct and important source. If your children are looking for interesting projects for school, they should consider an aspect of Australia’s skiing and snowboard history to dazzle their class and add an interesting point of difference.

The Thredbo Ski Museum is open 1pm till 5pm daily and admission for entry is free.  Check out other free things to do in Thredbo.

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