Injured yourself on the slopes during your holiday? Looking for something fun and different to do while your friends carve it up? On your own, with a mate or in a group, fishing for trout is no longer the domain of middle age balding men. Steve Williamson?s trout fishing business?in Thredbo has seen an interesting phenomenon of late. ?Last week we had more girls than guys come in the shop wanting to go fishing. Girls of all ages, especially in their twenties are taking up this sport," he says. It?s a new era of fishing, and who knew the girls would lead the way? Read on for Steve's trout fishing tips. What is the best time for trout fishing? Winter is the best time for trout fishing, as Steve informs that ?Trout are cold water fish, they thrive in winter and consequently come right close to the edge of the lake which is fantastic for inexperienced people to land themselves a fish?. [caption id="attachment_7093" align="alignleft" width="225"]winter-fishing Girl fishing power. Image courtesy of Steve Williamson[/caption] Due to snow conditions, rivers and streams are closed off as well as due to spawning, but the lakes are open and pumping with action for trout. Why is winter fishing so popular? ?It?s a great?alternative to skiing. We get a lot of people come in who have injured themselves and can?t ski,? says Steve. It?s also a popular activity when the weather is inclement up on the mountain for skiers or boarders. ?The weather is often quite good down at the lake even when weather is not so great up top,? he explains. How much is winter fishing? Winter fishing is a bargain activity at just $15 per day for a rod and reel. Buy some bait, pack a lunch or pack a picnic and create a magic day out. The peace and quiet is absolutely restorative, and as an activity with no age limit it?s another activity that people of all ages can do together. Steve offers lure, spin or bait fishing rods for fishing, and can provide NSW Fishing licences for just $7 for three days. He can show customers where to go, how to put the bait on or book them onto sightseeing tours for those who prefer to relax and watch the day go by. The shop is open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm (ph: 64 561 551). Thredbo accommodation for skiing and fishing holidays Base yourself in Thredbo while exploring what the region has to offer for trout fishing or skiing. For great self-contained Thredbo accommodation, browse the selection at Lantern Thredbo Apartments, or contact them directly for advice on which of their apartments would best suit the needs of your family, couple or group.