Thredbo activities are not all about skiing. In fact, a great time can be had by the non-skiers who can easily while away a few days either ensconced in great food and drink, shopping or immersing themselves in cultural improvements. If the latter is right up your alley, head over to the base of the Thredbo Hotel and right into the Thredbo Museum. What's on offer at the Thredbo Museum? We talked to Sharlene, who is a keen skier but at 24 weeks pregnant, more than happy to potter around Thredbo village.?She recently spent a pleasant couple of hours at the Museum with her kids. [caption id="attachment_7049" align="alignleft" width="225"] Australian Olympics Ski Uniform 1975/76[/caption] ?The Thredbo museum gives you a really good idea of how far skiing has come from the first t-bar,? she said. Sharlene was surprised to learn that the first chairlift was little more than a ?metal tin car?, and enjoyed all the photographs in the museum that went with the displays of these early days. She found the volunteers running the museum a wealth of helpful information ?just so passionate?. Information in the museum dates back to the 1890s and, although the museum is small in size, it packs a punch to visitors with recreations and image displays of skiing from days gone by. ?It is amazing what the women used to wear on the snow,? Sharlene says. View the progression from the first skis, made of simple timber, to today?s technological power houses. Chairlifts, ski boots, skis and other paraphenalia are all displayed here. As is some very moving tributes to the Stuart Diver landslide disaster. Visiting the museum is a Thredbo activity targeted more to older children with a better command of the written word than young toddlers (due to lots of typed up information as opposed to child-friendly interactive displays). But Sharlene still sees value in bringing her kids into the museum and giving them an appreciation of how far skiing has come in Australia from the early days. [caption id="attachment_7047" align="alignleft" width="225"] Sydney Olympic torch memorabilia[/caption] Exhibits get regularly rotated, so each visit is slightly different to the visit you may have had on a previous trip. ?The Thredbo Museum is open daily from 1pm till 5pm (but closed on Mondays) and located off the Thredbo Village Square below the Kosciuszko room. Call 02 645774 10 for more information. Looking for the best Thredbo accommodation? At?Lantern Thredbo Apartments?we have a great range of one to four star self-contained apartments that will suit skiers and non-skiers alike. Let the skiers go off one way and the non-skiers the other way to access all the great?non-skiing Thredbo activities,?such as the Thredbo Museum. You can always meet back up for lunch or a hot chocolate.