Ski resorts are funny old things, they?re very deceiving. You see, you don?t actually have to be able to ski to enjoy all the benefits. But you never know where it may lead, especially if you decide to try snow tobogganing at Thredbo, like these two families. The Ginsbergs hit the road and got out of Sydney for a few nights. They headed straight to Thredbo Resort without even unpacking the luggage. ?Maya and Asher had never seen snow. They were so excited? enthused mum, Katrina. [caption id="attachment_7153" align="alignleft" width="192"]Tobogganing is great fun for all ages Tobogganing is great fun for all ages[/caption] For the kids snow tobogganing was their activity of choice. ?The Snow Play area was a nice easy toboggan hill, not too steep?, Katrina reassures. Asher, age 8, and Maya, age 5, were absolutely tickled pink and went up and down the hill for the best part of an hour. ?I got to toboggan all by myself. I got all wet when I fell off?, says Maya. To see the kids excitedly running around jumping was the best sight for Katrina. The Kirkland family from the Northern Beaches of Sydney also had an amazing time snow tobogganing and recommended it as a cheap-ish introduction to the snow. Mum of three, Vanessa thought it was particularly great for little kids ?they loved it?, but admitted the whole family including the parents got in on the action. They hired their toboggans from Thredbo and first they did a few runs on Friday Flat to get their eye in, then paid for a single trip up the Meritt?s Chairlift and used the toboggans at the top after enjoying a nice lunch up the top at Meritt's Restaurant, ?The snow was so fresh up there and there was no-one around?. Keen to take it up a notch, the whole family took the chairlift back down and hopped in the car and headed to Dead Horse Gap, (4km out of Thredbo towards Victoria) just out of Thredbo on the recommendation of a friend. ?We were told to spot a bunch of people on a hill or tracks in the snow, which we did. It was a bit hair raising, and there were a few more rough patches but the kids loved it?. Vanessa thought it was a great Snowy Mountains wilderness adventure and definitely got them thinking and plotting about how and when they could next return to the snow and try their hand at the next activity. Cheap Toboggan Hire? Toboggans can be hired on the day with no prior booking at either Friday Flat, next to the Snow Sports School near the tennis courts or in the Valley Terminal Rental Shop, at the bottom of the Kosciuzko Chair. [caption id="attachment_6829" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tubing is also available at Thredbo Tubing is also available at Thredbo[/caption] Rental costs are $15 per day for a toboggan for the day or $25 for 2 days. The longer you hire the equipment the cheaper it becomes. Call 02 6459 4119 for more information. Make that a Tube? For tube rental, instead of a toboggan, but just as fun for the whole family it costs $30 for the day or $50 for 2 days. You can hire a tube from the same place as the toboggans. For Thredbo accommodation that is convenient for strolling around the village and getting to and from the snow for fun play, contact our team?at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments. We have a great range of self-contained apartments to choose from that are suitable for families. Turn it into a great day by mixing up your snow tobogganing fun with some lunch or dinner in the village, duck into the Thredbo museum or visit the Leisure Centre. Be sure to check out our post?on?Snowy Mountains activities for non-skiers?for more ideas!