It used to be that if you were brokenhearted or just plain lonely your activities were limited because you were on your own. Not these days. Why not try something completely different next time to you come to Thredbo, like guided snow shoeing?  Snow shoeing is fast becoming one of the popular Thredbo activities in the area - and you can always to take a friend or family members to experience it with you. [caption id="attachment_7117" align="alignleft" width="300"]Who needs boyfriends anyway? Who needs boyfriends anyway?[/caption] Singles keen to experience the wonderful world of white snow but not mad on the idea of skiing or snow boarding might find snow shoeing is the perfect Thredbo activity for them. It used to be basically tennis racquets strapped onto boots but snow shoes, along with technology and time, have advanced to 2014 standards. Jeff from K7 Adventures says that snow shoes are now  durable plastic and very stable. They're a good platform for walking on all kinds of surfaces. He tells us that  anyone can do it, but you need an average or better level of fitness for the full Mt Kosciuszko tour (see below), given the altitude is higher . Why not see for yourself  If you don't consider yourself very fit you can contact K7 Adventures  and arrange to have a less intensive snow shoe tour with guides and enjoy a hot chocolate up the top of the mountain while you watch the skiers and boarders go by. Enjoy great views, particularly later in the season as clouds clear and weather is milder. Even if you are single you don't have to be on your own to enjoy this activity. Form a small group of your own or join a group and make an adventure of it. K7 Adventures run a range of different Snow Shoe walks based from Thredbo and can provide everything you need in terms of equipment, assuming you're dressed appropriately for the snow and have water proof boots. K7 Snow Shoe Trips More energetic adventures include Snow Shoeing to Mt Kosciuszko and reaching the summit, "You must have the energy to get back as well as get there" Jeff cautions.  We usually meet in Thredbo at 8.15 at the K7 office at the base of the Kosciuszko chair. Then ride the chairlift to the top of Thredbo where we start the hike. The 13km return trip to Mount Kosciuszko takes most people 6 hours with time for photos and snack breaks." [caption id="attachment_6850" align="alignleft" width="300"]Snow Shoeing. Great views, something new... Snow Shoeing. Great views, something new...[/caption] There are also smaller snow shoeing tours, such as to Ramshead Range to enjoy the views and practice your alpine photography skills. Emphasis is on safety and fun and tours are completely flexible to your group. Groups can be as small as 2 people or as large as 6 but no larger for safety and commitment to client's wellbeing. The best time to experience this adventure is during the spring, when the days are longer and conditions are milder. So now is a good time to get planning snow shoe trips. Snow shoeing is available until mid-October, when snow starts to melt. Don't miss out on an opportunity "Anyone with a sense of adventure and who wants to see something different" is Jeff's ideal snow shoe client. Full day prices are $360 for an individual or $250 for 2 people or $200 per person for 3 people or more. Choose half day or full day and speak to Jeff about all the options if it's a shorter day out you'd prefer. Bring your own water, backpack and snacks on the day and purchase a Kosciuszko Chairlift pass for the ride up. Call  0421 862 354 or email K7 on for more information or to book your family or friends or yourself in. Snow Deals For your snow shoe adventure the best place to stay in Thredbo are the Lantern Thredbo Apartments. Within walking distance to Kosciusko Chairlift, and close to the village, you can finish a great day snow shoeing with some further Thredbo activities such as a meal, a drink or shopping. Or why not pay a visit the museum  Lantern Thredbo currently have some unbeatable Midweek Sneak deals - stay 2 nights or more and save 20% off the standard rates. So what are you waiting for  Make a bucket list of all the amazing things to do if you?re single and add snow shoeing and alpine photography to your list.