There is so much to do in and around the village of Thredbo in the summer season for active kids. Take some sturdy shoes, sunscreen and your can-do attitudes and jump into all of it. You can?t think of Thredbo as just a snow resort, there?s too much fun to be had when the wildflowers come out and the sunshine is belting down on our backs.

1. Skateboarding

[caption id="attachment_8884" align="alignnone" width="500"]keller-bar-skateboard Source: Thredbo[/caption] Skateboarding is going the way of snowboarding, in terms of terms of popularity and appeal for all ages and the Keller Bar transforms into a safe, indoors all ages welcoming space on Sundays between 2pm and 6pm. Take your kids along for some turns on some low ramps and low half pipes. Helmets mandatory and parental supervision advised.

2. Waterslide

Over at Thredbo?s Leisure Centre it?s pretty hard to be too cool for school when you?re whizzed around a large semi-translucent tube encased in water and dumped unceremoniously into a whirlpool of white wash. The older your kids are the more times they can ride the slide. Don?t forget the large inflatable water course complete with inflatables to jump over, crawl through or squeeze under. Don?t fall into the water. Swimming test to ensure basic ability checked before joining in.

3. Bobsled

Jump in your own cart, hold on tight while you?re pulled uphill by a rope then keep your foot in easy reach of the brake. You will be thrown up to the left and right of the bobsled track, looping back down ready to repeat the experience all over again. Little guys to grandparents, all love it.

4. Chairlift and walk

For kids hard to impress, the chairlift is a crowd-pleaser at all times of the year. What can they see from the chair, can they spot their apartment, can they see a bunyip? Walk up a little hill to lookout to the valley below and walk all the way back. It?s an adventure you can?t get in the city and they won?t get beeped at by delivery vans or lorries up on the mountain. The lack of traffic sounds are almost eery.

5. Cycling

Cannonball-MTB-Festival If you?ve got a keen bike riding child, enter them in the under 14 downhill bike riding event or pumptrack event during December's Cannonball Festival, the 3 day fiesta of all things biking December 4-6th. Bring them along just to spectate or inspire them to greatness as plenty of expert bike riders will be showing their stuff downhill every day of this festival.

6. Abseiling

Think your children have seen it all? Try dangling them down a cliff face on a rope then. Just above the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift ?are some all-ages abseiling spots. Don?t forget to book ahead on 0421 862 354 or 02 64577404.

7. Christmas Holidays

During Christmas Holidays there are plenty of things for kids to do, finding nocturnal animals with torches after a kids BBQ dinner while parents are off dining separately, face painting, inflatable jumping zones, trampolining over at the tennis courts. All this is on during the Kids Festival 24 Dec - 10 Jan, and of course the much loved family walk to?Mt Kosciuszko all through the summer for reasonably active kids of all ages. Remember your jacket, weather can turn even on a great weather day up top.

Thredbo Accommodation

Keep your costs down and have the bulk of your meals in your apartment where you can bring your own food and snacks, cook the food your kids like and contain the inevitable mess. Staying at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments self-contained accommodation means you can walk all around town, walk to the cafe, restaurants, chairlift or leisure centre or hop in your car for a 1 minute drive to the pool if you really don?t feel like walking. The summer special is on now. Pay for 2 nights and stay for three nights. Kids play free when two adults purchase an all mountain pass. The price makes things that little bit sweeter for the whole family. Wear the kids out, give them plenty of back to nature experiences and get them away from all their technology and screens with brilliant childhood memories. They won?t remember their favourite phone app of summer 2015/2016 but they will remember their walk to?Mt Kosciusko or their chairlift ride over the mountain.