Wellness might be a state of being, a movement, the future of self-care and the way individuals educate themselves to move towards good physical and mental health in for their futures. We are fortunate to be able to celebrate wellness with festivals that nourish, support and celebrate self-care. Wanderlust Thredbo is ?a four day celebration of mindful living?, what a blessing to live in these times to have the facilities, mentors and ability to do just that. Wanderlust Thredbo as a festival has an extensive schedule of music, activities, motivational speakers, nutritionists and other healthful people in their related industry to come together and create an experience that enables participants to go forth in their lives enables, empowered and informed. Long after the festival packs up, Wanderlust participants receive meaningful and relevant links via email to continue their healthful journey to be educated and self-aware. The festival is not an end in itself, in this way, but the beginning of being inducted into an enriching family of people who come together to pursue knowledge, healing and self-awareness. To examine one?s motives and experiences is to move forward positively and create ripple effects on our family and friends that are beneficial and nourishing rather than negative or damaging. Check out the schedule and details below for Wanderlust Thredbo for February 18-21st. When you?ve experienced your first Wanderlust you?ll find yourself looking at the schedules and lineups for Wanderlust in Canada, Hawaii, mainland USA in equally amazing locations best loved for their natural environments nourishing soul and spirit. ???

Interesting activities

Slackro. Where Akro Yoga meets slacklining, this is a combination of acrobatics, yoga and slacklining. Soccer Moves and Dance Grooves, where dancing meets soccer in a creative experience for the open minded. Walking meditations and mindful running with a difference, how to take great yoga photographs and so much more. Interesting talk topics include how to own your own moods and be responsible for your own life and not waste time on people and things that don?t matter. How to respond to things in the best way to make good decisions, how to work towards goals and make them happen and how to work successfully with social media. How to face your fear and so much more. Once you are issued your ticket you can look at the plethora of activities on the schedule and start planning and moving your activities around your own personal schedule to create the day to best suit you. Activities are held all around the Thredbo area, wherever they need to be to best utilise nature or music or a great listening arena for speakers to get close to attendees. Once the festival begins you will be emailed the schedule of what?s on offer for the day to help you plan out your best Wanderlust experience.

Wanderlust Thredbo Schedule & Pricing

Four Day Pass $470 With this pass you may choose up to three activities per day as well as one lecture per day and have access to all music events . This four day is available from Thursday to Sunday inclusively. Three Day Pass $410 This pass entitles you to choose up to three activities per day as well as attend one lecture and access all music events. It is available from Friday to Sunday. One Day Pass If you don?t have a lot of time to spare but don?t want to miss out entirely you can still get a single day pass. Choose up to three activities per the day you select, choose one lecture on the day and get access to attend all music on that day. Select your day of availability, the price will depend on your selection.
  • Thursday $125
  • Friday $140
  • Saturday $160
  • Sunday $120
Head online?to buy tickets for Wanderlust Thredbo 2016.??

Music Events

Love your music? Do you follow your best loved bands around the country no matter where they play? There?s something for you music movers too. You need not attend the day events or buy a day pass, the music events can be purchased separately. [caption id="attachment_10901" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Wanderlust Thredbo Source: wanderlust.com[/caption] Mia Paris, Wild Marmalade and the Twoks play Friday night so you?d you?d just like to come to the festival to hear the music the price is just $40. Xaviar Rudd and the United Nations, Dustin Thomas, DJ Taz Rashid all play on the Saturday night so the price to hear all play is just $40. Xaviar Rudd plays again Saturday, to see him play is $15, representing great value for this esteemed international artist.

Wanderlust Extravaganza

This a free event for the Thursday evening, showcasing the best from the world of yoga and celebrating life and all it has to offer. This is a free event.

Stand up Paddle Board Yoga

Test your powers of balance and core strength while enjoying all the senses of the environment surrounding you from the unique platform of a stand up paddle board. [caption id="attachment_10900" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Wanderlust Thredbo Source: wanderlust.com[/caption] Choose a session that suits you from the schedule, once you?ve determined your days you?ll attend Wanderlust and wear a cozzie and t-shirt or yoga gear. There are two sessions on thursday, 4 sessions on Friday and Saturday then 2 sessions on Sunday.


A unique way to sample wines, brews and seasonal food, all in the comfort of your yoga gear. If you love casual living but also love everything life has to offer in the way of social interaction, great food and drinks and enjoying the company of people on the same wavelength in life choose one of the Friday or Saturday evening events for $30 and let it be your night?s event or your prelude to other entertainment into the night.

Farm to Table Dinner

For $108 enjoy a beautiful and thoughtfully presented locally sourced meal with wines matched well specially suited to the cuisine. ?

Horse Riding

Horses are said to be humankind?s natural and original chiropractors, giving a little nudge to every muscle in your body and stretching things out. Since horse riding has gone from popular mode of transport to an absolutely one of a kind experience for most in the western world. Don?t miss out on your own experience. If you?re ever tempted to jump on a horse and give it a go do so in this supportive environment, on a gentle beginner trail after an explanation of how best to maximise your ride, and go over a few simple riding tips in the yard pre-ride. Riding horses in the Snowy mountains, home of the Snowy Mountains wild brumbies and Man From Snowy Mountain legend is not to be missed. Tickets are $70 per person and limited to over 10 years of age.

Thredbo Accommodation

Grab a bunch of friends, go as a couple, a family or go to Wanderlust alone, but don?t overlook the extensive range of self-contained apartments run by Lantern located all over Thredbo village. With 1 bedroom apartments right up to three bedroom apartments with additional loft, there is truly something to suit everyone. Choose a location down on the valley floor, or higher up the hill for beautiful mountain views to enhance your amazing self-reflective experience. All apartments come with cooking facilities for eating in options as well as washing facilities to wash your yoga clothes all ready for what?s on offer the next day. Staff are friendly and ever-helpful with information, maps and more. Ask the staff about the activity packages and passes for summer. If you love being out in nature, this is THE spot for bushwalks, cycle rides both long and short, abseiling, summer bobsledding or just walking around the Austrian-style mountain village enjoying wildflowers, mountain air and a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate - out in the sunshine this is the magic spot. The Lantern Thredbo Apartments has a three nights for the price of two special right across summer, so extend your stay or book your next trip and come back.


Surround yourself in Wanderlust lifestyle products and clothing items long after the festival is over. Take a little piece of Wanderlust home with you by shopping online. Find your wanderlust right in Thredbo and go home all the better for it and ready to have your best 2016.