Thredbo Valley Horse Riding: Horseback Riding in the Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains region is known around the world as a place where great horsemen live. Today, there aren’t too many of those high country cattlemen left, but on the back of a good horse, you can visit many of the areas that the pioneers rode. There is great horse riding in the Snowy Mountains from stations on the Barry Way above the Snowy River or with Thredbo Valley Horse Riding on the Alpine Way near Thredbo.

Thredbo Horse Riding for Beginners and Experienced Horse Riders

If you haven’t done much horse riding, you can take an introductory trail ride and if you are experienced there are longer rides available into some spectacular scenery in Thredbo. Riding a horse is a unique way to experience the countryside. On horseback, you have a real sense of being part of the landscape and because the horse is watching the trail you are free to look around and chat with other riders about the day.

People worry about getting a little saddle sore on longer rides but a lot of that discomfort can be avoided if you make sure you are wearing sensible clothes and do a little preparation. Good comfortable jeans without heavy inner seams and solid shoes without rough soles are a good start. If you are doing a long ride, some exercise tights under your jeans can be a great way to smooth out the bumps. Guided trail rides in the Snowy Mountains will always provide a riding helmet to wear but you should remember the suncream and insect repellant if it is going to be a warm day.

You can take a horse ride in the mountains at any time of the year and many Thredbo visitors will take some time out from skiing, particularly if the weather is a bit rough on the hill to try a horse ride in the Thredbo Valley. With a good raincoat, horse riding can be an all-weather activity even on days with rain forecast. Horses are used to all weather and because you are up on the horse your feet stay relatively dry even if the ground is wet. Trail rides are available throughout the year but it pays to call ahead to book.

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