Are you dithering over whether to purchase a Thredbo Season Pass for the 2016 snow season? Never done it before and really not sure if you?d use it to reap the benefits? Find out why the Robinson clan enjoyed their season pass so much this year that they unequivocally decided to go ahead for 2016 and also added a few more family members, for good measure. Jason Robinson is an Australian pilot for Virgin Atlantic and when he?s not circling above Sydney Harbour looking out for airport tarmac to land safely he loves heading down the highway, destination Thredbo, all year round. He?s been a skier for 10 to 15 years but finally bit the bullet for the 2015 snow season purchasing three family season passes and notched up 20 days on snow. ?We absolutely loved the Season Pass this season. We thought buying the pass would make us ski an hour here, half a day there, but quite the opposite. We found the more we skied the better we got at it, the fitter we felt and the longer we stayed out on the slopes all day. We got really great value out of it.? thredbo-365-pass Jason really sung the praises of the summer activities you can access when purchasing the season pass (Thredbo 365 pass). ?The kids use the pool lots of times, they love the waterslide. They love going on the outdoor Bobsled ride, they go up and down all day long they love it so much?. He cites the benefit of only having to put down $99 as a deposit as a good precaution if you?re not sure if you can afford the pass come next year, or if you?re not sure about a pre-existing injury recovery or if you?re work may change that may affect your ability to get down to the snow. ?If you pay the $99 deposit now you?ve got before the 31st March to make up your mind, and by then you?ll know if you?ll use the pass and if you can?t for any reason it?s only $99 you?ve lost, not the entire amount?. With the 365 pass season pass holders get a chairlift ride per day, a round of golf, a game of tennis and entry to the leisure centre for use in the pool and on the waterslide. The Robinson family used their chairlift access to walk to the top of the Kosziusko Summit, a pretty special thing to be able to do with the family. Hiking to Mt Kosciuszko Buying a season pass allows you to make a plan of attack for the day in terms of food, runs and entry points. Jason and the girls tended to eat breakfast before hitting the slopes, mostly bringing a picnic lunch to enjoy on the slopes, in the sun or the pelting snow - it?s all fun to kids. They made regular pit stops for hot chocolates and when eating inside for lunch enjoyed Black Sallees, as an on mountain dining experience. ?It?s not overly expensive and the food is good quality and enjoyable?. ?? You can buy your pass online here and sign up for powder alerts for season 2016 but if you purchase the pass you can start using it after the long weekend in October, once the 2015 season officially draws to a conclusion. There?s plenty of good stuff coming up in Thredbo, particularly if you?re a mountain bike enthusiast or enjoy your Blues or Country music (upcoming events info soon to be released). Racing on the Thredbo Cannonball To get the best value out of your season pass and keep the dollars in your pocket stay at a self-contained Lantern Thredbo apartment all around the village of Thredbo. Call Ian or Jill on 02 6457 6600 and outline how many beds you require in an apartment, or which proximity suits you best, higher on the hill for great views and further away from nightclub beats or closer to the mountain base for convenience and proximity to the bottle shop, cafes and food. All apartments come with washing and cooking facilities and many with their own car space and there are a huge range of prices so don?t be shy.