Whether you have a whole week or just a weekend, your holiday in Thredbo should be spent shopping, skiing or enjoying the sights. Who wants to wander the village ravenous at meal time? Follow these recommendations and make good meal choices ahead of time.

1. Bernti?s - Great tapas food

Something a bit different if you wouldn?t ordinarily put tapas and skiing together in the same sentence this side of Barcelona. Good for steaks, Oysters Kilpatrick and the portion sizes and service is great too according to reviewers. Definitely come here during your trip to Thredbo. (Ph: 02 6457 6332).

2. The Pub Bar & Bistro Restaurant (at The Alpine Hotel) - Great for simple and easy

Sometimes you just feel like hot chips, wedges, schnitzels, steak sandwiches, carbonara or a pulled pork burger. Nothing too complicated. According to diners, pasta and burgers here are all delicious. Open 11am - late. Open 365 days a year, kids welcome. (Ph: 02 6459 4200).

3. Cascades Bar and Grill - Great for a well-priced breakfast

Cascades Located at the Alpine Hotel, it?s open for ?buffet breakfast every morning 7.30am till 10am, then reopens for lunch and dinner. Great for mountain views. According to Cascade's staff, the three cheese arancini served with basil and avocado mousse is popular, as are the pan fried scallops and chorizo stack, or parmesan crusted veal cutlet and potato gnocchi with rocket and pine pesto. Dinner is open from 5pm-9pm changing to 6pm to 9pm Tues to sat shortly. ?Everything you want for breakfast. Excellent range of food, hot or continental with good pricing. Can be pretty busy in the mornings so get in early?, was one diner?s recommendation. (Ph: 02 64594200).

4. Sante Churraszko - Great for people who love to be ?filled to the brim?

If you?re familiar with this style of eating (Brazilian BBQ) you will love it. Paying one price, the waiters keep coming to you with a range of different meats, prawns, pineapple and other treats until you signal that you are full. This Thredbo restaurant is great for families. ?So much meat!!! Great value for money and you leave feeling full and satisfied,? says one happy customer, "The staff were friendly and it was a great find". (Ph: 02 6457 6083).

5. Jean Michel at the Knickerbocker - Great French Cuisine

Welcoming atmosphere located down at the river, when you feel like going for a walk around the village instead of holing up for the evening in your accommodation. A new French inspired menu this season. Try the duck, pork and pistachio nut terrine, fish of the day, french lamb casserole or some pork cutlets. Beetroot ravioli is also delicious. Hours of opening Sun - Sat 17:30 - 20:30 and Thu - Sun 12:00 - 14:30. (Phone: 02 6457 68 44).

6. Alfresco Pizzeria - Great for simple fare

Popular old style Italian eatery. Very low key, BYO with all the usual flavours that are popular with families or fussy eaters (who can find fault with a Pizza Marguerita?). Home delivery (in the winter season) is available for skiers and boarders too worn out to pull on anything other than pyjamas back at their Thredbo accommodation. Salads, pasta and lasagna also available. ?Reviewers said ?Decent food in a cosy little place. The kids enjoyed their spaghetti bolognaise and at $6.50 you can't complain. Plus it tasted pretty good. Pizzas were also very decent. Satisfied!?. Open 12-9pm. (Ph: 02 6457 6327).

7. The Bean and Grain Bakery - Great for grab and run for first lifts

As the name suggests, it?s a quick and easy bread based snack for breakfast, morning tea or lunch. If you?d rather sit down the bottom of the hill in the sun than be indoors then this bakery is a good option. Croissants, bacon and egg rolls, sausage rolls and pies. I voted this the "tastiest shop in Thredbo" says a happy customer, ?I think this bakery has improved a lot since changing hands. Particularly the service. Very upbeat and friendly. The coffee is much faster coming out than it used to be and the pies are really good". (Ph: 02 6459 4200).

8. Black Bear- Great for traditional ski resort atmosphere

Austrian style lodge and atmosphere, minus the traditional stodginess that can be very heavy for diners not having to brave minus twenty degree snow storms outside in Thredbo. ?Serves amazing ribs according to Steve. Debate online vacillated between Black Bear being Australian fare or true to European fare but agreed Black Bear was family friendly and the service good. "There are cosy little nooks for dining or sipping a few glasses of wine. The food is 'modern Australian' with some European influences", was the opinion of one diner, "The ribs were exceptional. Fall off the bone, and melt in your mouth, and they have enough sense to provide a spare bowl unlike all too many other places". Open 6pm till 9pm depending on demand. (Ph: 02 6457 6216).

9. Central Road 2625 - Great for central resort dining

A little like a Melbourne alleyway cafe or a New York cafe in ambience or look, this is a convenient little spot to drop in during the day for a sandwich, or to meet at if shopping and not skiing. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One blogger rated it "value for money". (Ph: 02 6457 7271).

10. Eagles Nest - Highest restaurant in Australia experience

Australia?s highest altitude restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great for a soup and hot chocolate. Fabulous views and an amazing spot to listen to live music. A la carte lunch. Serves garlic prawns, steak sandwiches, goulash, hot chocolates and excellent views. Open 9am till 3.30pm in winter, 9.30am till 3.30pm in summer. (Ph: 6457 6019).

11. Kareela Hutte - Great spot to eat mid-run

Good central spot to meet friends while out on the slopes and sit in the sun if you?d rather not head back down the hill and into the village. Particularly good when it?s a great day out that you?d prefer not to interrupt. Located on the super trail. You can?t miss it unless goggles are too foggy. Serves modern Australian a la carte. Pizza, eggs benedict, salads, pate, squid and goulash are all popular. Private room available. Available for breakfast or lunch. Open 8.30am till 4.30pm snow season. (Ph: 02 6457 6099).

12. The River Inn - Great bottom of the mountain location

Bavarian themed and located at Friday Flats, it's a good spot to wait for the kids or your friends to have their lessons. Falafel wraps, chicken schnitzels and beef burgers available.? Open 9am till 6pm. (Ph: 9369 3019).

13. Kebabz Cafe - Generous portion sizes

If you feel like a stroll around the village but don?t want to trek up too high, try this little place. Great for Turkish kebabs and curries. Kebabs are huge in size and good for sharing. (Phone 02 6457 7080).

Got a Thredbo restaurant recommendation?

We know this isn't a complete list of all the excellent eateries and restaurants in Thredbo. What are your thoughts? Fill us in with a comment on Facebook if you'd like to share your recommendation. We'd love to hear from you.