Forget beer and wines you can buy all over the nation any time of the year. When you?re down in Kosciuszko National Park on your Thredbo snow holiday get immersed in the local brews, support the locals and be all the richer for it. Here are four great reasons to head to Thredbo and cry 'bottoms up!'

1.?Snowy Vineyard Estate and Microbrewery?

This brewery was the?first in the Snowy Mountains?and is the largest producer of craft brews.??It is the home of Australia?s coldest vineyard and?produces 3-4 thousand litres a week?for its 20 beers.

[caption id="attachment_6556" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo snow holiday top drops Drop in en route to Thredbo and buy wine at the cellar door to enjoy on your holiday[/caption]

David Lowe is the owner and has been in the business since its inception eight years ago. He enthuses that it is ?the true Snowy Brew? and urges holiday makers on a Thredbo snow holiday to stop and try over 9 craft beers on tap and stay for a great lunch.

Steaks, Atlantic salmon and trout are on the menu and go well with wine and beer tastings. As well as purchasing direct from this cellar door, you can purchase bottles from Thredbo?s Lake Crackenback Resort on the way through. Open for brunch and lunch Wed ? Sun, 10am - 5pm all year round. Open Monday public holidays also. (Phone: 1300 766 608).

2. Kosciusko Brewery

Home to the Kosciuszko Pale Ale brewed right onsite at the microbrewery located at the Banjo Paterson Inn, Jindabyne. Cameron from the microbrewery says this pale ale is 'popular and refreshing' and hits the spot, not only after a day on the slopes but any time of the year. (Phone: ?1800 046 275).

3. Wildbrumby Distillery

This?Schnapps Distillery?is?located en route to Thredbo on the Alpine Way. You can purchase yummy fruit schnapps in Thredbo Village at various locations, such as the Knicker Bocker and the T-Bar. But drop in to sample the delights and have lunch or brunch and buy direct from the cellar door. Sampling local wine makes those evening Thredbo snow holiday activities, board game fun or card playing, all the more enjoyable. ?(Phone: (02) 6457 1447).

[caption id="attachment_6558" align="alignleft" width="300"] Schnapps, beer, wines. All local to our Snowies if you know where to find it.[/caption]

4. Catcher & Co

Lucas may have only been operating in Cooma since November but he has his eye firmly set on muscling in on the Australian whiskey scene, capitalising on the fact that Australian whiskey is currently enjoying great popularity overseas.

Catcher & Co is currently the home of Cooma Home Brew Supplies, due to licensing timeframes for liquors, vodka, rum and whiskey licences but it will open in the next 3-4 months as a microbrewery. It specialises in small batch craft distilleries. Keep on eye on this new business, it?s always the ones you least suspect that make the biggest impact. 4 Vale Street, Cooma. ?(Phone (02) 6452 6087).

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