Do you want or need to get away for a weekend or a few days but have a couple of children and are not sure what to do with them? Do you prefer holidays with your children and bring along someone to help mind them? Since Thredbo is such an all ages village, why not invite the grandparents along for a Thredbo holiday? Don't be fooled into thinking there's nothing to do for granny and grandpa that doesn't involve thrill seeking therefore not a good fit for small children and seniors. Thredbo is not like that at all, there is so much to do it's ridiculous. Whatever you guys want to do, the grandparents on ?kid minding duty? can pass a couple of excellent days here while the both of you go off and enjoy yourselves playing golf, tennis, bushwalking or lazing around. Here are some ideas of activities grandparents can do with the kids in Thredbo in autumn:

1. Sculptures Walk

[caption id="attachment_8037" align="alignleft" width="300"]Wombat on sculpture walk. Wombat on sculpture walk.[/caption] Children of most ages will enjoy an exciting game of find the animals. Life size statues of various things scattered all around Thredbo village. Print out the abbreviated sculptures walk and work together to find each animal or tree or person starting at the Village Green and head in a circle ending up back there for a snack or lunch. The sculptures walk takes you past the duck pond and the playground so you can break up the walk. It means you can spend as much or as little time on the walk as you like.

2. Playground

[caption id="attachment_8079" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo playground Thredbo playground[/caption] The playground is enclosed and as playgrounds go, very decent (some are pathetic, take it from me, I?ve seen a million) and allows for children of all ages to find something exciting and suitable to amuse them. Swings, slides, climbing equipment and other play equipment are all there. Don't forget to take a picnic or some snacks especially if it's a lovely day. I do love an enclosed playground particularly for those who love running off and think they can get away with it.

3. Village Green

[caption id="attachment_8082" align="alignleft" width="300"]Pump Track. Pump Track[/caption] Take a ball, cricket bats or other playthings and have a day out on the green. It's right next to the playground on the western side of Thredbo closer to the golf course. There is a parking lot right there and a picnic table. Bring a picnic rug and make a day of it or bring some newspapers to stretch out in the sun while the grandkids play. If children are older and have brought bikes the Pump Track is right next to the green This is a circular dirt riding track. Kids will find the Pump Track exciting riding up and down some gently challenging dirt mini hills. Remember the helmets, shoes and clothing to cover elbows and knees. Maybe a few bandaids.

4. Duck pond

[caption id="attachment_8077" align="alignleft" width="275"]Thredbo duckpond Thredbo duck pond[/caption] Kids love the duck pond in Thredbo. There are two duck ponds near the playground. Walk around the pond and see how many ducks you can spot, be careful near the edge of the ponds so you don't fall in. The ducks do like hiding there though. Can you see the white house or castle on the rocky outcrop in the middle of The pond? Who do you think lives here? Is it the ducks or perhaps a fairy?

5. Village Square Shopping and Relaxing

The Village Square is a paved area surrounded on two sides by stores, cafes and various seating areas. It?s a great safe place to sit down with a coffee while grandkids ride in front of you on scooters or toddler bikes.

6. Central Road Cafe

[caption id="attachment_8083" align="alignleft" width="250"]Central Road Cafe Source: Central Road Facebook[/caption] This cafe is right at the Village Square plaza outside Michelle?s fashion shop. If you sit outside in the sun or under one of their big umbrellas, cafe staff will bring the coffee out to your table so you don?t take your eyes off the kids. There are some lovely shops right there at the Village Square, well worth a wander. If you have a spare set of eyes (Grandpa on duty with you?) and you can take five minutes for yourself right at the Village Square then duck into the following two shops:

7. Michelle's

This is a clothing store that also has some gorgeous pieces of jewelry, scarves and hats. The gift store right opposite Michelle's has lovely mugs, knick knacks, baby things and jewellery. Well worth a look.

8. JK Gallery & Mountain Shop

[caption id="attachment_8080" align="alignleft" width="300"]JK Gallery & Mountain Shop JK Gallery & Mountain Shop: Source: Thredbo Alpine Village[/caption] This store has gorgeous candles, books, rugs, photo frames and artwork depicting the alpine region. Many of the items are locally sourced.

9. The newsagent

This a good little spot to take your grandchildren to buy them a little something. It has great little knick-knacks and books for kids. They will find something in here to go home with.

10. The bakery

This is also good spot to sit outside and let the pastry fall to the floor instead of inside your accommodation, save yourself the cleaning up. Kids should be able to find something to eat in there that will suit them, such as a pie or sausage roll or cake.

11. Leisure Centre

[caption id="attachment_7882" align="alignleft" width="300"]Mission Inflatable Mission Inflatable[/caption] If Granny and Grandpa are feeling sprightly and more adventurous with older children they can always drop over to the Leisure Centre complete with waterslide and Mission Inflatable, the blow up water course. Children can easily while away a morning or an afternoon there.

12. Bobsled

At the bobsled course you don't have to be a daredevil to enjoy a couple of gentle rides down. Single rides are just $7. You can buy tickets at the ticket office at the base of the hill over the bridge. There's so much to do around the village, the grandparents need not stay back in the ?apartment while the grandkids climb the walls and spread chaos and terror, like they do back home. Don't forget to contact Ian and Jill at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments to find the right self-contained apartments that will suit the needs of your family Thredbo holiday.