[caption id="attachment_7837" align="alignleft" width="224"]Wildflowers in Kosciuszko National Park Billy Buttons Near Kosciuszko[/caption] What is so special about wildflowers you may ask? ?Let me enlighten you. ?People travel thousands of kilometres to see big flower displays like Floriade in Canberra and ?people give?flowers every day as gifts ?because they are the most extrovert display of nature's creative side which in turn inspires us. So when you think about the power of flowers to attract and inspire people and then you add an astounding natural backdrop like the Australian High country you end up with a potent combination that even ?gets the action man wondering whether there is more to life than adrenaline....And this summer season has been a corker for ?wildflowers in the high country. ?With a great combination of soaking rain days followed by blue sky weeks without too much heat, ?the wildflowers have come??out loud and proud. [caption id="attachment_3972" align="alignleft" width="259"]Carpet Heath A Kosciuszko Wild Flower Carpet Heath A Kosciuszko Wild Flower[/caption] The best time to see wildflowers in the high country depends on how high you go. ?The flowers start blooming in early spring on the wattle and on the heather at lower elevations around 1300m. ?Up high the early bloomers are the beautiful little Marsh Marigolds peeking out from under the receding snowdrifts. ? By the beginning of January there are blooms across the whole high country and depending on the season these continue through until the middle of February. One of my favourite flowers in the high country are the billy buttons because they are so striking and some?varieties are only found in the Kosciuszko National Park including the Hairy Billy Button or "Craspedia Costiniana" named after Alec Costin the legendary biologist whose detailed research was a significant driver?for the establishment of the Kosciusko National Park in 1967. ?Alec's daughter Acacia is still active in the high country running K7 adventures. [caption id="attachment_7840" align="alignleft" width="300"]Sunray Daisies in Kosciuszko National Park Sunray Daisies in Kosciuszko[/caption] Another favourite is the Carpet heath with it's perfect Christmas Display of white flowers and red berries on a green carpet of foliage. ??The visual impact of ?Carpet Heath set in close to some Kosciuszko granite and bright green moss is a classic high country arrangement. On a macro scale the fields of daisies and buttercups that spread out over hillsides make striking displays, along with ?fields of ?the Candle Heath Stalks and the proactively pollinating? Grass Trigger plants that launch little hammers of pollen onto passing critters to spread the love. [caption id="attachment_7843" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo Wildflowers Candle Heath in Flower[/caption] It is easy to see the wildflowers whether you are a fit and experienced bush walker or someone who does not like to wander too far from the home comforts. The Kosciuszko Express Chairlift takes you from Thredbo Village up to the start of the Kosciuszko Track. You can start walking from there out towards Mt Kosciuszko or towards Dead Horse Gap. ?Within 100 metres you will be seeing flowers ?in late January. ?You can fall over there in a meadow and take in the view under the Alpine sky before heading back to the restaurant or if you love a walk just keep going. ?To make it really easy you can book to stay ?with 2 nights accommodation and a return chairlift ride for only $223 per person twin share and if you want to stay on for a 3rd night, ?we will throw that in for free. ?Just hit the button below to choose your dates and select an apartment online or call our office on 02 6457 6600 and we can make the booking for you. Book Thredbo Accommodation