Something happens as we pass from infant through childhood to adulthood. A nameless process whereby we lose our wonder about life, our confidence to express ourselves and do exactly what we enjoy. Then along comes Wanderlust?Thredbo. Finally, a festival that reflects exactly where humans are, right now. Sure, there are rock concerts, workshops and expression sessions out there for all to access, but a festival that celebrates humans for being themselves and it?s coming right to Thredbo? Wow, that?s worth something! [caption id="attachment_10418" align="alignleft" width="300"]Wanderlust-Thredbo Source- Thredbo[/caption]

Meditation and chanting

Effective and powerful for thousands of years of humanity. If you?re curious about the powers and methods of meditation, including chanting, Wanderlust Thredbo includes a brilliant lineup of great role models in their individual life journeys to guide you. Come and explore the many and varied ways to meditate and find a method that suits you best.


Music soothes the soul and the Wanderlust line up should have something to suit everyone. If you?re open to different styles of music Wild Marmalade are a high energy didgeridoo dance band, Xaviar Rudd is soulful and tuneful, R.I.A will play DJ tunes popular in Europe, Scandinavia and America and The Melbourne-based duo the Twoks will showcase the electric violin. These are just a few of the eleven artists or bands coming to Thredbo for Wanderlust.

Coping With Modern Life

Yoga workshops, dance, outdoor adventures. Each experience aims to enrich lives. Every small decision made throughout your day makes up your lifestyle after all, so why not fill it with great decisions, great people and positive activities. Benefit from talks by speakers who aim to help you deal with stress in your daily life. [caption id="attachment_10419" align="alignleft" width="300"]Wanderlust-Thredbo will have classes and workshops Source Thredbo[/caption] Be inspired and come away from the festival better equipped and ready to face the new year. Modern life is difficult enough with our modern distractions. Listen to some inspiring speakers who look to what worked best in the past to equip us for moving forward.

Wine Sampling

Join some wine sampling events, very casually in your yoga gear as part of the greater festival festivities while the sun sets and music plays on to help set a very unique mountain scene. All wines are a mix of local and imported wines and are accompanied by seasonal hors-d'oeuvres.

Horse Riding

Challenge yourself to get on a horse and join a group in an easy horse trail ride and experience the beauty of the mountains. Centre yourself firmly in nature and enjoy the smells and sights of the surrounds. The ride environment is supportive and begins with an introductory horse riding lesson. Horse riding 101 will help you face the right way on the horse. What will ?Wanderlust Thredbo 2016 throw up at you to lift spirits, consciousness and awareness while reducing stress and help you face your fears? Who will you meet on your journey, what will you come away with that you?ll never forget?

Thredbo Accommodation

Stay at any of the Lantern Thredbo Apartment?s full range of self-contained apartments scattered all around the village. They can fit a couple or a full family or a group of friends if you get a group together. Call Jill or Ian at 02 6457 6600?and?they canhelp you find an apartment to suit you and your friends or family. Each apartment has cooking and washing facilities to help keep costs down and right across summer there is a three nights for the price of two special so get in early. Go for a swim after activities in the Leisure Centre pool or just walk safely around the village and enjoy the vibe. Wanderlust Thredbo is an event over four days from Thursday 18th February till Sunday 21st February 2016. Tickets are on sale online and can be purchased as a single day event or as part of a three or four day ticket. Music events can be added separately, as can the horse riding and wine sampling events. Add as many or a few events as you like and make new friends, meet like-minded people and above all, be yourself because, let?s face it - everyone else is taken.