There are a plethora of phone apps in our crazy world, some are definitely more useful than others. With the My Thredbo app it is possible to explore every inch of Thredbo and make the most of every moment while on your holiday. Here?s how it works. mythredboapp

Snow Cam

The word on the street back in Sydney is that snow is plentiful and ski slopes are perfect right now. So we jumped in the car just a few days ago and headed straight down the highway. Destination Thredbo. With the driver settled in for a session behind the wheel I headed straight to MyThredbo to check today's snowfall and noted 5cm overnight. We felt the excitement build. Next I checked the snow cams (snow cameras placed strategically at every lift) to see which lifts were open. Tick and double tick, all lifts were operating due to enough snow.

Social Media

Next I checked Thredbo's Twitter?feeds to see what people were saying. It was akin to going on a road trip with a big fun group, but better because you tune out whenever you like. I also peeked into what Facebook users were saying about the snow and it?s safe to say snow resorts sure are fun magnets (excellent times ten) because sliding around in the fresh air with people who like or love is a great way to get exercise and get the serotonin (pleasure neurotransmitters) flowing.

Temperature Gauge

Closer to the Snowy Mountains we needed fuel for the car so we pulled into the servo. After checking Thredbo's temperature on the My Thredbo app and noting -5 degrees I made sure I added hand warmers and an extra beanie to the bill. weather-info


Back in the car, I checked out on the My Thredbo app what bands are playing for the next day, what time they're playing and where and made a mental note to be poolside at 3pm next to the bridge at the base of the mountain. I also noted what other Thredbo events were going on around the village over the weekend and wondered how I could get myself to a Champagne and Caviar Masterclass' as it sounded intriguing, but noting the time (6pm) I knew it would clash with other fun activities around the village. Clicking on the My Thredbo app menu I browsed the e-store for tickets, lessons & equipment rental information (making a note for friends coming down next week needing ski rentals). The app let me click through different lift options & see what events are on for families as well. The flare run every Thursday from dusk caught my eye and I made a note of it in the compartment of my brain reserved for entertainment and fun times. Driving into the village in the evening the snow came in sideways at a nice enticing pace. We stayed at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments, where Jill welcomed us warmly showing us the best place to park our car and unload, and showed us into our self-contained apartment drawing our attention to heater switches, laundry and kitchen and telling us where the ski lockers were. We fell into bed into a happy anticipatory slumber as all happy holiday makers do. The following morning we checked weather, snow cams and lift statuses over breakfast and all donned appropriate snow wear to get out and enjoy the day.


As promised 3pm found me sitting next to a huge firepit on comfy outdoor lounges with the most delicious hot apple cider, listening to La Folie Douce belt out some excellent tunes. thredbo-outdoorsThere was barely a head that was not bopping, as La Folie Douce is renowned in all the top ski resorts of Europe for awesome apr?s-ski entertainment, there were DJs, dancers wearing wacky gear, dance troupes and more. I joined the Twitter talk to share my thoughts on the DJ experience. All without leaving MyThredbo app. Next time I shall be sure to turn on the GPS on my phone to make the most of Friend Finder, to see where all our ski party were on the slopes as well as the GPS Trail Map to work out where the heck I am in relation to my next hot chocolate or where I am if I?m lost. My Runs will also be great next time to compare notes on all our runs of the day in the car heading home. Because it?s always a reluctant return to the rat run, leaving the fun behind. See you soon, Thredbo.