It has been a long time in the making?and with very little fanfare on October 6th? the Thredbo Valley Trail? extension? (TVT)? to Lake Jindabyne was opened.? ?These are exciting times for Mountain Bikers in particular, as the lower section of the TVT from the Ski Tube Bridge at Bullocks Flat down to the Gaden Trout Hatchery is a remote and more challenging ride than the more family friendly upper TVT from Thredbo to Bullocks Flat. While the two halfs of the track are similar in length,? about 17km each,? the upper TVT has several? trail heads along its length so you can do smaller sections and get on or off the track in several locations.? The lower TVT however, requires committment. Once you cross the Bullocks Flat Bridge you have no? exit points at all until the track crosses the river again at the Trout Hatchery 17km downstream.? ?Due to the remote nature of the track any riders or hikers attempting?it need to be self sufficient with first aid supplies, and for bikers, a repair kit so any breakdowns can be managed enroute to avoid having to push your bike out. [caption id="attachment_12353" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Next Stop Jindabyne..50km and 1000m down the Valley Next Stop Jindabyne..50km and 1000m down the Valley[/caption] The standard of riding on the track is? tougher than the upper TVT so only good intermediate riders or better should contemplate this track. Having thrown those waivers out there,? this is exciting stuff.? The track passes through some spectacular scenery with? impressive waterfalls and cascades,? the Ramshead Range towering above and inspiring stands of sub alpine forest that deserve a tranquil moment to take it all in.? ?Plenty of local riders have already taken to the lower TVT and the ambitious?few have ridden the whole track from Thredbo to Jindabyne, shots of post ride beers at the Jindabyne Brewery seem to be?a footnote to a Full TVT day. There is no question that? a queue will be? forming for the opening of the MTB season in Thredbo with riders wanting to be the first to ride the Chair to the top of the Mountain in Thredbo and then launch into well over 50km of riding from 1950m elevation in Thredbo down to 915m on the Lake in Jindabyne.? While there are still some small sections of the track that need to be completed including some single track from the Trout Hatchery Bridge to Hatchery Bay on Lake Jindabyne, 95% of the TVT is up and running and open for business. The section from the Trout Hatchery to the Lake shore is a couple of kilometres and involves riding up the Hatchery road and then crossing the Koscisuzko Rd and down to Hatchery Bay to join the lakeside track for the final 8km into Jindabyne. [caption id="attachment_12899" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]The Hatchery Bay track at the Jindabyne end of the TVT The Hatchery Bay track at the Jindabyne end of the TVT[/caption] If you are amped to do the track and even more excited about the beer.? ?You can find the Jindabyne Brewery by leaving the Cycle Path just past the Claypits amenities block ride up the Barry Way from the roundabout and take the 2nd right and you will be staring straight at a big green shed full of fine ales. Thredbo and Lake Crackenback will still be running shuttles from Lake Crackenback and the Thredbo Diggings back to Thredbo to service the upper TVT.? At this stage there is no commercial shuttle services for the Lower TVT back to Thredbo.? However this is a service that is likely to be provided as the trail gains more popularity. Remember, we have a 3rd night free accommodation deal running over most of the Summer Season so you can come to Thredbo and take the TVT Challenge and then have a couple of days to chillax or tackle some other MTB trails.? Book online or call 02 6457 6600 [caption id="attachment_12902" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Jindabyne Brewing Golden Ale A cold one from Jindabyne Brewery[/caption]   Lantern-SBH-300