[caption id="attachment_7164" align="alignleft" width="259"]A Paiting of Torah Bright by Sarah Yound Sarah Young's Archibald Entry "Torah"[/caption] You have probably already noticed that Torah Brights dazzling smile has been all over Thredbo's marketing since she stepped up as the face of Thredbo on August 1st. While it is a marketing boon for Thredbo to have Australia's most successful winter athelete on the case Torah does genuinely love being back home. She trained in Thredbo as a child ski racer before switching to snowboard and as a Cooma girl, her heart is still here in the Snowy Mountains. Her sister Abish owns??a hair dressing salon in Jindabyne and has just had a baby so Aunty Torah is pretty happy to be in Thredbo for the winter. ?Torah has had a eventful year with a ?very entertaining stint at the Sochi Olympics winning a silver medal in??her specialty event the snowboard half pipe and also competing in the boarder cross. ? Just to mix it up a little Torah then sat for another Snowy Mountains local, artist Zoe Young who entered a portrait of Torah in the Archibald Prize. ?Zoe's work was shortlisted and received great reviews? keeping Torah's name in the news. [caption id="attachment_7167" align="alignleft" width="300"]Torah Bright Smiling in a Thredbo Banner Torah Bright is the Face of Thredbo[/caption] On August 1st Torah began her ?stint as the Face of Thredbo making the resort her base for the winter and helping to bring the fun back on snow. ?She has been spotted all over the mountain, at parties, on the hill riding most days and even competing in the occasional event with a 1st place in the open women's "Transfer Banked Slalom" The rumour is that Torah will also be competing on the Dancing with the Stars television series. If her skills in the half pipe come into the equation she could prove to be a very dynamic dancer as well, ?possibly pulling off the world's first Tango with an inverted frontside 720. ?I'd love to see the Judges score that. You might see Torah in Thredbo is you are riding in spring or you can always catch her when she comes back for winter 2015.