There is something really special and brilliant about being out in the wilderness in the dark on a clear full moon night. The feeling transcends time, the experience has held human?s attention and wonder for thousands of years. You too can experience the wonder and magic of a lunar walk based from Thredbo. Felicity Chilcott is one of Thredbo?s lunar walking guides and enjoys taking guests for a walk on the full moon nights. ?We take a whole range of guests, from people in their mid teens up to 60 year old. They need a moderate level of fitness and the key to enjoying their experience is being well equipped to endure wilderness conditions?. Felicity explains the special nature of the guests reactions to being out in the world at night time looking up at a full moon. ?People are so happy to have the experience. It's very unique. To be driven up the ski hill and to be able to walk up and out on the mountain, it's something you can't do on your own.?The walk is pretty well serviced and guests are always happy. There are still massive snow packs up on the mountain so over the summer there will be water everywhere (rushing down creeks from the mountain top). The sound of rushing water is really special and from a sensory point of view it is both soothing and reassuring.? [caption id="attachment_9279" align="alignnone" width="468"]full-moon-walk Source: Thredbo[/caption] Felicity explains there are hot drinks available up at the Summit, tea and hot chocolate but also this year they are adding the extra element of snack packs consisting of crackers, banana bread, chutney and cheeses. ?Guests have to BYO dinner we leave in the afternoon between 3.30pm and 4:30pm. Guests usually bring sandwiches snacks such as muesli bars or rolls?. One guide is allocated up to seven people in a group, for more than seven and up to 14 people extra guides are allocated. You can purchase the cost of the experience at the estore online or in person in Thredbo; email for more information. The guides recommend layering for clothing, which means wearing thermal top and pants underneath long top and long pants. A warm jacket is necessary and can be taken off if walkers get hot on the way up, sturdy shoes for walking are mandatory. The best place to stay to base yourself for lunar walks and other great experiences around Thredbo are in one of the many self-contained apartments at Lantern Thredbo Apartments. These are all around the mountain and the village of Thredbo. Up the top of the mountain for great views or closer to the shops at the bottom of the mountain. There is a three nights for the price of two?accommodation special available throughout summer (excluding Christmas Holidays and Easter Weekend)?. Make your breakfast in the morning, go and enjoy the day, have a swim, have a coffee or a drink, participate in one of the walks. All apartments have clothes washing facilities. Talk to the staff there to find an apartment to suit you. [caption id="attachment_9280" align="alignnone" width="468"]full-moon-kosciuszko Source: Pete Molloy Photography[/caption] On March 23, 2016 there will be a lunar eclipse, so that evening in particular will be extremely special. Book now to avoid disappointment. In regard to inclement weather, Felicity explains that the guides do their best to make the walks happen but of course it really depends on how much rain has fallen or is currently falling during the walk. ?If there is excess wind or a lot of thunder we will call off the walk, or if there is absolutely no chance of seeing the moon we will call off the walk. If there is a chance it might clear, the walk can proceed as on nights like that we do get glimpses here or there. As long as it is not unsafe there is no grounds to call it off?. Ultimately it really is a combination of safety factors weather and the desire of guests to experience the walk that will determine its viability on the evening of possible inclement weather. The walk is 13 km in total length and costs $110 per adult. It includes the guides expertise, use of head torch, hot drinks, snacks and four-wheel-drive transport to the start of the walk. Anybody age 15 and over may come on the walk. Dates for a full moon over the summer include 26 November, 2015, 24 January, 23 February and 22 April 2016. Call (02) 6459 4294 or for more information.