Anita is one of those ?big kids? who loved riding her bicycle around the neighbourhood during her childhood. And like many in their 30s and 40s, she doesn?t want to just put down the bike helmet and take up crocheting, just because she?s had kids. That?s why she and a few families headed down to Thredbo during the summer season to try out the Thredbo Flow Trail. The Thredbo Flow Trail is a top to bottom mountain biking track that is smooth but consists of sharp corners and challenging bits, taking 15-20 minutes to complete. Anita, a bit of a gym junkie turned her sights to mountain bike trails about a year ago and enthuses about her Flow Trail experience ?It?s absolutely awesome. It was my first time to try it, it?s not as technical as some other mountain bike trails but you do have to be on high alert because there?s other riders behind you?. She believes that even though it?s not aerobic as an activity, it is constantly challenging as you have to control your speed all the way down. Anita really respected the amount of safety preparation Thredbo Resort put into making this experience a controlled environment. ?You have to do a safety course first, because you have to be able to put a bike on a chairlift. Then the instructor takes you down the course. It?s really good because they take you down slowly, and try to point out hazards along the way?. It?s not all down to the course and the instructor though, as riders all need to possess some bike skills, even if they consist of just balance, braking ability and confidence of riding a bike downhill. (Check out the video above to see what the Flow Trail's like). Anita concurs, that in the end the instructor will not be there holding your hand once the safely course is over. ?You have to control your own speed, and then there?s the pressure of people behind you. Think of five stairs with a sharp corner at the end?. It?s not all high pressure fun though. Anita and her friends took advantage of self-contained accommodation to cook a bbq on the balcony and have a couple of beers and laughs at the end of a great day on the hill. ?We couldn?t get enough. So much fun. Then afterwards we went pubbing and had a great night out?. Their group also enjoyed Thredbo?s indoor pool at the leisure centre and many of the other Thredbo summer activities on offer. If you like the sound of this, but have a bunch of scaredy cats as friends instead of adrenalin junkies, don?t be afraid to sign up with some like minded females to Gravity Girls. This is social introduction to downhill riding led by Jindabyne?s star mountain biker Tegan Molloy running from 9am-1pm and is an all ages event. The cost is $50 and there are two dates available, 25th January or February 22nd. Spaces are limited so you'll need to sign up. Cost excludes mountain bike lift access. The perfect place to stay is at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments, a group of 1-4 star self-contained accommodation right in the heart of the village. Everything is within walking distance and the friendly staff are available to answer all your mountain biking questions.