[caption id="attachment_6029" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo-Upper-Murray-Rafting Rafting on the Upper Murray River[/caption] Sports Rafting ?is back on the Murray River near Thredbo. ?Rafting Australia are running ?day trips on the Murray using smaller sports rafts. ?This is the perfect introduction to white water rafting with easier grade 2 and 3 white water providing some adrenaline without the heart wrenching thrills of the more advanced 2 day trips down the legendary Murray Gates. ? ?The best news is that the launch point for the Sports Raft Trips on the upper Murray River is only 25 minutes drive down the Alpine Way from Thredbo. ?This makes a White Water rafting adventure from Thredbo an easy option. Obviously water flow in the river is essential for a good trip so the best time for a rafting trip on the Upper Murray is between September and mid February, ?in wet years the season may extend longer into early autumn. ? The Upper Murray sports rafting trip is suitable for people 15 and older with children under 18 needing an accompanying adult. ?The cost for the trip is $195 per person and includes all equipment and lunch on the river. ?The trip needs a minimum of 4 people to run so if you have a group it is easy, ?if you don't have 4 people we can contact Rafting Australia about a trip anyway, ?they may have others waiting to make up numbers. ?You can book the trip with us when you book your accommodation or contact Rafting Australia direct. Thredbo-Accommodation Book Now      
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