Sometimes you have to spend money to make money!? A perfect example of this is the Thredbo Chamber of Commerce Discount Voucher Book.? While the book itself will cost you $100, you can save that amount many times over if you are planning a holiday to Thredbo.? For example, if you plan on staying with us at the Lantern, Lhotsky or Snowstream, there is a voucher for a 10% discount on your accommodation.? That discount alone will probably cover the cost of the? book, if not? more for a winter booking.? There are vouchers for discounts on most services in the village including free bottles of wine with dinners, a free extra day's hire on demo skis,? free photos from Hot Shots photography, 1/2 an hour upgrade on a massage, free cookies, free coffees, discounts on restaurant bills, gift vouchers at Rip Curl, 50% off a 2nd pair of Hestra Gloves, a 2nd glass of wine free with dinner, buy 1 drink get one free, 20% off music festival passes, buy?two pizzas and get a?third one free, buy?two downhill mountain bike packages and get a?third one free?. And the list goes on.? There is no question, if you are planning a holiday in Thredbo, this book will save you money.? If you would like to buy one of these books when you call us to make a new booking just ask and we can give you the 10% discount straight away.? You can start saving before you have even paid for the book!? The Thredbo Voucher book is valid until May 2011 so there is plenty of time to use it if you are? booking for this winter, next summer or even next winter. Buy one and save today. Call on 02 6457 6600 or just ask for the ?Voucher Book? when you book online.