The Thredbo Snow Series is back, bringing with it a season long series of five big events in five disciplines. Each event will have a unique set-up allowing competitors of all levels to participate in the competition, from the seasoned pros as well as novices giving it a shot. This is a great way to compete with your favourite athletes and improve your own riding.

In a peculiar mix Ridercross, Top2Bottom, off-piste terrain and the fall-line of The Bluff comes the Banzai Off The Bluff event. Debuting last season, this event mixes in a bit of racing and a lot of freestyle. There will be a course set through The Bluff, sending competitors straight into the famous wind-lip, then into other natural features, man-made obstacles and race flags to the finish line. This will be great event with competitors having to choose the line they think they can ride the fastest rather than worrying about how they are being judged. Individually qualifying is a must to go through to the four person finals, where the best four riders will duke it out to take our first place victory. It's about who has the best line and the biggest will to win.

When: Friday 21st August

Where: The Bluff