[caption id="attachment_7453" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo Valley Track is perfect for an easy mountain bike ride The 4th Bridge on the Thredbo Valley Track[/caption] I feel as though I have been writing about the impending opening of the Thredbo Valley Track for a decade. ?Well it might not be quite that long but it has been a long time coming and finally this amazing new track is?open along it's full 17km length. Well officially it won't be opened until sometime in January but it is ?"accessible" now. The "Official opening of the Thredbo Valley Track (TVT) will be delayed until all of the signage is in and some suitably dignified dignitaries can be found to perform the ceremonies. In the meantime we will make do with the status of "accessible" and get on with riding the track from Friday Flat in Thredbo all the way through to the Bullocks Hut at the Ski Tube Bridge, near Lake Crackenback. The truth is that we have been riding most of the TVT??for the past year but ?the last 2 sections have just been completed between the Thredbo Ranger Station and the Ngarigo Campground. The TVT??is ?a shared use path for both Mountain Bike Riders and walkers. ?With 5 very impressive bridges crossing the Thredbo River there are plenty of great vantage points to gaze at this beautiful high country river?or to look up at the Ramshead Range and Chimneys Range towering above. ?There are quiet grassy meadows, fast flowing streams surrounded by ancient snow gums,?great places to cast a fishing line and plenty peace and quiet on this trip down the river. [caption id="attachment_7539" align="alignleft" width="300"]Track Activist Bruce Marshall (Right) Riding the TVT Track Activist Bruce Marshall (Right) Riding the TVT[/caption] Congratulations to the Kosciuszko National park for having the vision to create this track, ?to the crews who have worked on it?and to Bruce Marshall from Lake Crackenback Resort for driving the project along. ??The track is designed so you can access it from 5?trail heads along the route. ?You can start at either end from Thredbo or the Ski Tube/Lake Crackenback end or you can join the track at the Thredbo Diggings Campground, the Ngarigo Campground or the Thredbo Ranger Station. Having these track-heads means you don't have to ride or walk the whole track. ?You can do a section at a time with easy access from the Alpine Way. If you want an easy 4km walk along the Thredbo River you can join the track at the Ranger station and walk to Ngarigo, if you would like a great downhill section to ride, You can Ride Thredbo to the Ranger Station or Ngarigo to the Diggings. ?If you would like a diverse network of trails, the Thredbo Diggings to Ski Tube has 3 separate tracks of different grades that will keep you entertained. ?Or you can do what I just did and ride the whole track up and back which is close to the best thing I have ever done on a mountain bike. ?Just don't plan?on going out dancing afterwards. [caption id="attachment_4484" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo-Valley-TRack-Thredbo-River The Morning Light behind the 2nd Bridge on the TVT[/caption] Mountain Bike Riders should be able to ride one way on the track in less than 2 ?hours and hikers can make a day trip of the walk. ?While the riding is too challenging for younger families it is ideal for young teens and older. ? Most of the track is gravel path so a mountain bike is the best machine for the job if you are riding. If you are visiting Thredbo in winter don't be afraid to take a walk down the track. ?Because it is close to the river it is snow free for most of the year and ?it is a great place for a leg stretch after a day's skiing or boarding. If you would like a map for the track just go to the Rolling Ground website,? the Snowy Mountains one stop shop for free bike trail maps: So remember next time you are in Thredbo, take the chance to explore this new track, you'll be glad you did.