man mountain biking at thredbo in summerThe Snowy River Shire Council has added another 5k biking trail to the mountain!

The development of? mountain bike tracks and shared paths has taken another leap forward this summer with the completion of about 5km of track from the Jindabyne Dam wall to Tyrolean village on the shores of the lake.? This project was co-orindated by the Snowy River Shire council in response to the community planning discussions that have taken place over the past 2 years.?? An idea was put forward from these meetings to explore the possibility of building a shared pathway around the whole foreshore of? Lake Jindabyne and the "Tyrolean Track" is the next step towards making this happen. While there is a long way to go to encircle the lake,? this section of track is one of the more challenging so it has taken a big chunk out of the project.?? The track is designed to be an easy mountain bike track and shared walking track? with no excessively steep sections and plenty of fantastic look outs offering spectacular views including? the dam wall,? the town of Jindabyne and the mountains behind.? The next stages of the track to be tackled are the section between the dam wall and town and then the connection to East Jindabyne. The new Lakeside? trails? have been spurred on by the ambitious? development of the shared track from Thredbo to Bullocks Flat at the Ski Tube.??? This track has been under development for 3 years but being in the national park, there are some major challenges to ensure that the construction has no serious impact on the pristine Thredbo River valley.??? The? goals for the Thredbo Valley track this summer have included the construction of 3 major bridges which will be 30 metres in length each and span the river at a height of 4 metres.? These bridges will offer scenic highlights along the track with elevated views both up and downstream. The bottom section of the Thredbo Valley track has been completed offering great riding and walking between the Thredbo Diggings and Bullock's Hut where this track joins a riverside trail built on a crown reserve? boasting? some excellent mountain biking? down stream with an inland loop coming back.? While there is still some work to do? there is no question that the Snowy Mountains are on track to becoming a serious bike riding destination.