A fun trip is not exactly easy to achieve. While you probably think that you should not read too much into details because it ruins the idea of fun, that thought may actually be the reason why your trip will end up being a wasted opportunity. The idea should be to put an appropriate amount of effort in planning the trip. Regardless of the number of people included in your trip, be it your family or friends, certain things can go wrong and just ruin the entire getaway. Anyway, planning the trip accordingly may seem negligible but it has significant rewards. For one, you can start planning by deciding the best place to go for your trip. The different destinations around Australia might leave you confused but you can make it easier by identifying exactly what to do on your trip. This will be the first step on your planning. Now, considering that the holidays are coming, you probably know that one of the best things to go for today is a ski trip and Australia has a lot to offer. Specifically, the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia has attained its great reputation as a ski destination thanks to its great variety in ski resorts. Just two of the best ski resorts to choose from are Perisher and Thredbo. Here is what you should know about these two exciting destinations. Thredbo is part of the Snowy River Shire and is accessible through the Alpine Way. It is 500 km away from Sydney which makes it a decent enough travel for someone who wants a memorable trip. What makes it a crowd favorite is that it has the longest ski runs among all the ski resorts in Australia. Furthermore, there are a lot of attractions to look forward to in the resort, not to mention the many private businesses of nightlife, tours, restaurant, shopping and more. Perhaps what is more important though is that Thredbo has great accommodation for tourists which should be a part of your plan as well. See to it that you find the best Thredbo deals in accommodation and you can make sure that your trip will be worth every cent you spend. Fortunately, you can find great Thredbo deals practically everywhere the village. The same is true with Perisher ski resort as well. There also happens to be a great selection of Perisher accommodation. Smiggin Holes and Perisher valley are the particular points of interest when it comes to the best Perisher accommodation.? In any case, you should consider that Perisher is famous for being the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. Apart from the previously mentioned Smiggin Holes and Perisher Valley, Perisher is made up of two more villages which are Guthega and Blue Cow. It is accessible by taking the Skitube which is Australia?s only underground railway. So, Perisher gives the opportunity to have that unique experience as well. Considering how there are a lot to consider when it comes to determine which destination visit, it only proves how important it is to plan the trip properly.