With a lot of exciting tourist destinations in Australia, it can be hard for you to choose where to plan your next trip with the family. Whether the trip is to celebrate a special occasion or just a way of letting the household enjoy some quality time together, there can be no lack to the overall value of the trip. It needs to be enjoyable for the whole group and memorable for all the right reasons. You can probably tell that in achieving so, you will have the opportunity to re-create stronger ties among your household members. Quite easily, you would want the trip to be as close to perfection as possible. For that, you would first, have to choose the place with the most potential to deliver. For that, you may want to consider the largest ski resort in the whole southern hemisphere; Perisher of the Snowy Mountains. As a whole, Perisher is actually made up of four villages ? Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega and Blue Cow, all of which with a designated ski fields. With the fantastic view of the snow-covered mountain ranges, a trip in Perisher is definitely worth the try even for non-skiers. The accommodation Perisherhas is sure to make up for a comfortable and intimate stay for people who just want to enjoy their time. Furthermore, the ski resort is easily accessible both by road and by the Skitube Alpine Railway. Of course, if the accommodation Perisher has is already filled by other visitors, which can definitely happen during peak seasons, you can also use the Skitube Alpine Railway to get to Lake Crackenback Resort. Since it is close-by and connected to Perisher through the underground crack railway, it comes as a good option to settle in during your ski trip in Perisher. The travel distance in-between is not long nor is it inconvenient. You get to enjoy pure skiing fun at one place and enjoy a great accommodation in the other. Here is what you might want to know about Lake Crackenback. Lake Crackenback Resort is a holiday resort that has chalets for accommodation not only for the winter season but also in summer. The name is derived from the artificial lake found in the area. The Little Thredbo River runs through the resort although it does not sustain the artificial lake. Overall, the resort comes as Thredbo Valley?s natural playground which is surrounded by the steep and astonishing Snowy Mountains. You will surely get the most out of your stay in the resort regardless of the season as it allows you to enjoy local attractions, sightseeing and snow sports during the winter and activities such as fishing, trail walking, canoeing and mountain biking during the summer. Now you know one of the best sites to go for on your family?s ski trip. You even acquired an idea for an extension of your trip with the artificial resort of Lake Crackenback. All in all, Perisher and Crackenback can surely make for lasting memories.