Thredbo_Skiing__SupertrailChange is in the wind for Snow Sports in Australia? and it is? not related to the weather.? There has been a lot of discussion over the past few summers amongst the Moguls of Australian Snow Resorts (as in ?Boss men? , not? lumps of snow)? regarding the increasing competition from other tourism destinations both in Australia and overseas.?? One of the most? promising fruits of this discussion to see the light of? day is the new ?Superski?? lift pass.? This pass has been a long time coming and clearly demonstrates that Australian Snow Sports?? two most aggressive resort operators have actually teamed up and are working together to make an Australian Snow Holiday better value and more fun. For? people who have skied overseas? it is quite common to see several Snow Resorts combine under one lift ticket so that a skier can buy a lift pass for a week and ski more than one resort without having to spend more money or go back to a ticket office.?? For the first time this winter you can buy a lift pass that will let you? ride in either Perisher or Thredbo on the same ticket.? While there are a few lumps in this ?First Ever? co-operative pass deal it is nevertheless a milestone for? New South Wales snow resorts.? The new pass is called ?Superski?? and it is a 5 day pass that can be used over 6 days and includes a free? half day afternoon on the day you arrive.? This means that if you are staying for a week you hit the lifts? on 6 days, including the half day and a have one day off. Let?s face it...7 days straight is big ask anyway! The cost for the pass is $499 per adult and $275 for children. The key to this all working is a new ticketing system that has been installed by both Thredbo and Perisher Blue giving the resorts the ability to service the same lift passes.? Another benefit of this new ticketing system is that you are issued with a re useable lift pass (called a My Thredbo Pass in Thredbo).?? This pass sets up an account online that can be recharged so you don?t even have to queue at a ticket office when you arrive at the resort,? you can pay for your lift pass online at home and start riding lifts as soon as you arrive. However the most exciting developments lay ahead. The flexibility this system could offer to?? skiers and Snow Boarders is tantalising.? There is a good chance that in the not too distant future? we will start to see more co-operative passes emerging, like weekend passes and maybe even season passes.? Wouldn?t it be great to be able to ski in Thredbo when Perisher is blown away in the wind and ski in Perisher when the bottom of the mountain in Thredbo skis like a 7 Eleven slushy?? Of course it would.? Bring it on Resort Moguls...we can?t wait.