If you're inspired by Tom Cruise's daring or just curious about the great outdoors, then why not try rock climbing? This sport is fast becoming a popular family pastime for the entire clan. If you?ve done some metropolitan rock climbing spots or the indoor rock climbing walls and feel like a new adventure, base yourself in Thredbo and experience three very different but popular rock climbs in the great outdoors. Peter Cocker is a guide for K7 Adventures and takes climbers of all ages to Jindabyne Dam, Blue Lake accessed from Charlotte's Pass and at the top of Thredbo. His favourite is the Blue Lake. ?It?s a full day out and is really wonderful. It is a beautiful place to go?. The dam at Jindabyne is a good climb for a half day, and climbers can combine it with a day out in Jindabyne for some shopping, brunch or lunch or just sightseeing around the town. Look down to the water below and enjoy the sights. [caption id="attachment_9259" align="alignnone" width="500"]K7-rock-climbing Source: K7 Adventures Facebook[/caption] The climb at the top of Thredbo is also a half day, Peter says it is popular for people to catch the chairlift up to the top of the mountain and have a nice lunch at Eagles Nest, the restaurant with majestic mountain views overlooking the valley below. ?The top of Thredbo is much cooler than Jindabyne. These rock climbing days aren?t an expensive day out, particularly if a climber brings a friend or a group. We will always take just one person out climbing but there are discounts for groups, or if you come with a friend it becomes cheaper?. Peter says climbers as young as five are impressing him with their competence, but wouldn?t recommend the activity for anyone younger than that. He is seeing family groups booking together, which is a lovely way to do some ?team building? and have memories of something different to last a lifetime. The best way to book is to contact K7 Adventures by filling out an online form or call them directly on ?0421 862 354. They will advise you on the correct attire for climbing as well as make a meeting point and discuss the details of your trip. [caption id="attachment_9260" align="alignnone" width="500"]K7-rock-climbing2 Source: K7 Adventures Facebook[/caption] Talk to Peter and the guides about whether you and your crew would prefer an easy abseil, or something more challenging. Discuss the pricing with them. They will provide the harness, safety equipment and emergency equipment and of course expert guiding knowledge. Climbers need to bring their own water, sun protection, ?grippy? shoes, appropriate clothing, snacks, hat or beanie. If in doubt about other equipment don?t hesitate to ask the K7 guides.

Gift Certificates

K7 Adventures have gift certificates available, a great idea for this upcoming Christmas for people you care about who would benefit from blowing away the cobwebs and doing something out of the ordinary but would never think to book this themselves. A fun thing to do with a son or a daughter, your fiancee, wife or husband.

Thredbo Accommodation

Don?t forget to book your 3 nights for the price of 2?accommodation with the Lantern Thredbo Apartments, Thredbo?s extensive range of self-catering apartments. There are one bedroom apartments or multiple bedrooms to suit the whole clan. Each have clothes washing facilities as well as cooking facilities and are located all over the village and mountainside to suit whatever activities you plan on getting up to. Walk around the village after your climb and find live music, drinks, snacks or a hearty meal to end the day. ?Throw yourself into the pool over at the Leisure Centre. Check out the rock climbing wall while you?re there. Or book your next rock climbing adventure back with K7 Adventures. They have guided walks, kayaking trips and mountain biking, so the only limit is your imagination. ?