[caption id="attachment_7854" align="alignleft" width="293"]Fly Fishing in the Snowy Mountains Fly Fishing on the Thredbo River[/caption] You could be forgiven for thinking that Fly Fishing was a sport for the gifted few. Those who have, through good fortune or great planning managed to acquire the encyclopedic knowledge and the associated skill set that allows them to effortlessly construct intricate lures which they then cast with fluid dexterity into ?rivers, ?avoiding trees, rocks and earlobes as they hoodwink even the wariest of trout. Fortunately this is not quite the case. ?While there are people exactly as described above these skills are not required before your pick up a fly rod, ?they are what you might hope to attain before your die. ?In the intervening few decades you can still go fly fishing and have a ball, thrashing through the bush, standing on edge of wild rivers wondering at natures beauty and occasionally hoodwinking a fish......or?hooking up an earlobe. The thing I love most about fly fishing is the pace ?of the sport and the utter engagement it requires. ?Many times I have stepped into the Thredbo river to start fishing with a quick glance at the watch before I disappear into the blur of stalking, stealth and contemplation ?and the next time I check the watch I am left wondering where the last 3 hours went. Anyone can pick up a fly rod and start fishing within a few hours of learning some basic casting techniques and stream craft. ?Once you have the basic skills then you can learn as you go. ?One great way to fast track this process is to meet other Fly Fishers and spend some time swapping ideas and techniques. ?The Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo is the perfect event to hone your skills and learn more about this ancient sport. The Fly Fishing Expo is on again?on the weekend of??February 27th. ?This full weekend of Fly Fishing action is the perfect place to meet other Fly Fishers and learn from masters of the sport. ?With workshops on casting, fly tying, stream craft , gear demos and plenty of tall tales this event has everything for newcomers to the sport or experienced fly casters looking to refine their skills and hear about the latest gear and techniques. The most amazing thing about the Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo is that is FREE! ?The expo is run by Craig DAF Daily from ?Thredbo's "Clearwater Fishing Guides" ?and master casting instructor ?Matt Howell. Just to make it really easy to join in this weekend ?we also have our 3rd night free accommodation offer running ?so you can join in the Expo for the weekend from only $390 for a 1 bedroom patio apartment for 3 nights. Book Now online and remember to tick the Fly Fishing Expo Extra or call 02 6457 6600 when you booking and we can book it in for you.