If you?ve committed a crime lately and happen to be skiing in Thredbo on the last weekend of July you?ll have good reason to be afraid. It is the traditional weekend in Thredbo for lawyers around the country to compete in the Law Ski weekend race and associated festivities. Ben Fisher, a keen skier working for Henry Davis York had a great time at his inaugural law weekend last season and totally recommends it to others. ?The whole weekend had a good vibe about it?. He explains that there are two or three organised events over the course of the weekend and the main event is Saturday 1 August, when the ski race takes place. This is a mix of serious skiers and those who participate just for the heck of it. law-ski-weekend ?There?s always great sponsors and prizes for 100th place, 50th place, 25th place as well as first, second and third places. It?s great fun?. Ben won a pair of Head skis as a giveaway prize, so he was pretty chuffed and proposes that with G.H Mumm sponsoring the event again, as they did last year, the after party and presentation night promise to be ?a legendary night?. Given that Ski Max does amazing ski holidays and they are one of the sponsors, you never know, there could be an interesting prize in the mix that involves packing your luggage, just saying...

Law Ski Weekend Events

If you can escape the madding crowd, on Thursday 30 July there are drinks in the piano lounge bar hosted by Last Frontier Heli-skiing from 8.30pm. Friday 31 July night is the night for welcome drinks in the Keller Bar, allowing lawyers from different firms to mingle. Saturday 1 August is the race from 9am, then lunch poolside at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel from 12 noon and presentation dinner in the Kosciuszko Room of the Thredbo Alpine Hotel from 7pm. Awards are for best dressed and fastest among other prizes. For participants who haven?t had enough there?s an after party, Ben confirms there is a ?boozy element to the night? for those who like to let down their hair on their snow holiday. law-ski-weekend2 Ben explains that different law firms of all sizes tend to stay together in the one chalet or near ?each other at the very least, so don?t forget to consider the Lantern Thredbo Apartments for your colleagues, the extensive range of self-contained apartments and chalets located all around Thredbo Village. Most of the??propertie are?on the free shuttle bus route, so you don?t need to designate a driver for the night. All have washing facilities and cooking facilities so if you?ve overindulged the night before you can stay in and cook your bacon and eggs without facing anyone in the morning. Remember the rules for mingling with colleagues from your own firm when you?re not officially working. Just like the office Christmas party the same rules apply because you have to work with them come Monday. For dancing, keep the 30 cm rule just like Grandma advised, it?s better for your career. It?s a great thing to be excited and caught up in the moment of a fun weekend and all it entails but remember social media never lies and can never be erased entirely. law-ski-weekend3 July 31 also marks the end of Dry July, a month long voluntary abstinence of alcohol that release alcohol abstainers from their hiatus, letting loose on Thredbo pubs and clubs as well as everywhere else around the country. If you?re in the Dry July boat, well done for your efforts but remember to drink in moderation for the rest of the year.

Thredbo Accommodation

Don?t forget to check out the Lantern Thredbo Apartment?s accommodation specials for August. The?Mid-week Snow Escape?is an excellent accommodation special. Just $510 for five nights per person in self-contained accommodation as long as it?s mid-week (and not on a weekend). Work remotely on that court case and practice your downhill turns on your lunch and coffee breaks. What could be better than that? Call Ian or Jill for more details 02 6457 6600 today to see if you can add to before or after your Law Ski Week festivities and good luck with the races. Photos courtesy of Law Ski Facebook