The way life is, you get good days and bad days on a skiing holiday. Windy days, blizzard days or just plain rainy days. You can still get a change of scenery at Thredbo without putting on your ski or snowboard gear. So leave the hot chocolate lovers wallowing in their marshmallows and head over to the Thredbo Leisure Centre and get your fit on. Cobi, the personal trainer is pretty excited about the new changes at Thredbo?s Leisure Centre. ?There are two new olympic trampolines, 2 super sized trampolines and 1 large airbag?. These are for elite athlete trainers, particularly Thredbo Ski Club and NSW Institute of Sport athletes but are heading for public use shortly, for children?s parties and other recreational use. The sports hall is open daily from 7am till 7pm for ball games and squash and the indoor rock climbing wall is fair game for anyone wanting to try their hand. ?The indoor rock climbing wall has been upgraded to include a 20? overhang to be more of a challenge to more experienced climbers," Cobi says. [caption id="attachment_8594" align="alignnone" width="500"]squash-thredbo-leisure-centre Squash gets the heart pumping. Source: Thredbo Leisure Centre[/caption]

Classes on Offer at Thredbo Leisure Centre

There is no excuse not to get fit and stay fit while on holiday in Thredbo, and the following classes will help you forget about the weather outside. Check out the winter timetable for full list of activities. Functional Fitness Classes that focus on high intensity interval training to get fit. ?Classes are on 6.30am and 5.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesday 6.30am and 10am and Saturdays 5.30pm. Boxing Classes are on twice a week at 5.30pm, Monday and Thursdays. Yoga Classes are on Tuesday 7.30am and 5pm on Wednesdays.

Water, Water Everywhere

Don?t forget Thredbo Leisure Centre?s 50m indoor pool is heated just to the right temperature. You can go and swim laps from 7pm till 6.45pm. [caption id="attachment_8595" align="alignnone" width="500"]swimming-thredbo-leisure-centre Swim laps 'til your hearts content. [/caption] The?swirling water slide and large inflatable obstacle course Mission Inflatable is great fun if you prefer your fun in the water instead of on snow. The waterslide ?is open from 12 noon to 6.30pm daily, handy to know if anyone in your holiday group has a birthday, as it?s a popular spot for parties.


Pricewise, 2015 Winter Season Pass holders not only have access to the slopes all season but also have free entry to the Thredbo Leisure Centre and sports hall and to join in a class costs just $8 per class. Non-members pay $16 per class and the cost gets you free entry to the sports hall, including the use of rock climbing wall. Cobi, the personal trainer is available to help people train where possible.

What? No Gear!!

If you?re reading this at a Lantern Thredbo Apartment right this minute, as you eat your bacon or sip your coffee, you may kick yourself that you don?t have any of your exercise gear or your swimming cozzie to take part in any of the Thredbo Leisure Centre?s action. Don?t worry, all gear is available to buy?in the foyer of the Thredbo Leisure Centre. There are shoes, exercise clothes, goggles and more. There?s really no excuses now! Phone them on 02 6459 4138 for any burning questions. If you?re inspired to join your friends now in Thredbo, because you?re not a skier or boarder and you were intending on staying at home in the city while they all had a good time without you, there?s no reason not to join in the fun. [caption id="attachment_310" align="alignnone" width="500"]Lhotsky_Apartments_Thredbo_2bedroom_deluxe_kitchen Self-contained Lhotsky Apartment[/caption] With the Lantern Thredbo Apartment?s great range of self-contained apartments you can still keep up your paleo diet and bring your kale chips to pop under the grill (don?t forget the sea salt and olive oil). Each apartment has clothes washing facilities so there?s no reason to bring three changes of socks. Just wash everything and hang it out. Thredbo is the home of fit and strong. White wonderland outside or not.