[caption id="attachment_4732" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo-High-Country-Hiking Solitude on the Kosciuszko Track[/caption] February is the month for tranquil wildflower walks in the high country. ?The flowers on the main range are in full bloom and the summer weather means the hiking is warm and the days are long. ?Even better, ?February is a quiet time in the mountains as the school holiday crowds have gone. ??There's a good chance you can have the whole walk to yourself, to experience the solitude and mind expanding views from the peaks. If you would like some company guided walks are still available throughout February and you can join Dan or one of the crew for an informative climb to Australia's highest peak or join in one of the special guided walks like the Valentines Day Alpine Lakes walk covering the circuit of Australia's highest lakes. ?This is an iconic walk and although the distance is over 20km, ?the guided walk does include a shuttle return ?from Charlottes Pass and a glass of bubbly to celebrate at the end of the journey. We have the Weekend of Walks Package available throughout summer until April 1st ?staying in a 1 bedroom patio or 1 bedroom apartment at the Lantern. ?You can stay in Thredbo for 2 nights, with 2 days of chairlift rides to the start of the high country tracks like the Kosciuszko Track, ?Dead Horse Gap track and the Merrits Nature trail. ?The package also includes 10% off your accommodation, ?a ?guided walk to Mt Kosciuszko on Saturday and one of our free Lantern Thredbo Water bottles, perfect for carrying that crisp clean water. ?The cost for the 2 day package starts ?from just $218 per person twin share. You can ?stay for the weekend of walks anytime between now and the 1st of April ?but you must book before the end of ?January. ? You can ?book the Weekend of Walks? online here and enter the Promotional Code ?BCODE-WALK. ? Please note this package is for 2 nights only, ?if you would like to stay longer just contact us for a customised package with even more saving on accommodation. ?Book online, ?email us ?bookings@lantern.com.au or ? just call on 02 6457 6600.