It?s easy to love cycling but difficult to find the right place to ride in when we live in our capital cities. Road riding doesn?t entice us with all those mad honking road ragers, and joining riding groups daunts us with that profusion of serious lycra. Not so with all the new bike riding developments implemented around Thredbo during 2015. Riding for intermediate level riders and families has never been easier and not a traffic jam in sight.

Kids Biking

If you?ve experienced Thredbo?s pump track, perfect for toddlers to teenagers, 2015 developments have rendered it double in size. Once the snow melts and the grass shines through and the sun belts down, it?s an awesome spot to bring a picnic or some snacks and a newspaper and let the kids ride up, down and around. Pump 1 A brand new skate park right next to the pump track all ready for the Christmas holidays is going to make this valley section of the village a popular spot for families.

New Bike Trails

Thredbo?s Susie Diver was lucky enough to experience some of Thredbo?s 25km of new bike tracks in May, just before the snow season took hold of the tracks turning them into snow runs. These are marked as intermediate runs, and one of the runs is accessible firstly from the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chair, down to the Cruiser area, Dream Run and down High Noon and then up the Gun Barrel Express. Susie says the new bike trails connect to the Thredbo Valley Track where riders experience beautiful views of tall ash forests and grasslands as they make their way to Lake Crackenback. thredbo_mountain_bike_chairlift_1 These trails will be ready for the start of the mountain biking season from November 14th, when the snow has melted and the wildflowers poke their heads up to dazzle anyone lucky enough to see them.

For Beginners

There are plenty of accessible trails on the lower sections around Thredbo. Friday Flat, around the Golf Course and around the village are great areas to test your skills or pedal a toddler on the back of your bike. Why not stop for a coffee, a picnic or head to ?the Leisure Centre for a family swim? Bike riding is going to be a popular family sport over this summer, particularly with so many shark sightings out at sea, there?s guaranteed to be no Great Whites here.

Thredbo Accommodation

Don?t forget to book any of the self-contained Lantern Thredbo apartments for your bunch of friends or family brood. Many come with bike wash bays and bike racks. It is bike-friendly and lycras welcome at any of the Lantern Apartments extensive range of 1-4 bedroom accommodation.

Thredbo Bike Rental

If you don?t have your own bike or gear, wait and get it in Thredbo at the Mountain Bike store at the base of the mountain. They have helmets and body armour protection for hire separately or as part of a day pass package, including bike and lift for $216 adults or $184 kids. Midweek this drops to $173 for adults or $147 for kids. There is also gear to purchase and plenty of trail info in-store. If you?re planning on using the chairlift to hoist your bike to the top for accessing trails, you?ll need to attend a short safety course first, then it?s downhill cross country all the way. There are guided tours available if you?d rather ride with a pro and get all the tips, especially for first timers.

All Day Long

A one-day mountain bike access pass costs $73 per day or $51 mid-week for adults, $51 for kids or $36 mid-week for kids. Tickets become cheaper the more days you buy. There is a sample pass available for riders wishing to try out the sport before committing to coming back at $35 for a day or $18 for kids. You can buy passes online.

Thredbo MTB Season Pass

If you love mountain bike riding and can picture yourself returning repeatedly, an entire season pass is available for purchase for $550 for adults or $450 for kids. If you?re just plain curious about the whole sport of mountain biking or keen for a new scene, get yourself down during the Cannonball?Festival?over December 5th to the 7th. If you?d prefer to just watch all the action, there?s plenty of live music and bike action for the whole family. Don?t forget to book your accommodation, bring your shades and your adventurous spirit.