Victoria has been babysitting casually ever since she was a fourteen year old school student. Her love of working with children and her capabilities of handling all the different temperaments of children led her into a teaching degree and into a school teaching position, which she currently does. Moving more recently from the city to the Snowy Mountains, Victoria fell into babysitting as a familiar hobby and has just started up a new babysitting service called?Thredbo Babysitting, (the business is not affiliated with Thredbo Resort, just shares the same name). There used to be a formal babysitting agency but it?s no longer operating.?Babysitting is such a casual industry and is usually performed as a supplement to regular daytime jobs. ?Anyone who works with children now all require Working With Children checks anyway,? Victoria clarifies. Babysitters in the area apply for a Working With Children clearance online and then need to take themselves down to the RTA. ?This is a pretty standard requirement now, it ensures no-one has any child-related convictions,? she adds. thredbo-babysitting Victoria also clarifies that anyone qualified as a teacher has also been required as part of their training to have a police check, which is a slightly more extensive police run through of the applicant?s past. All have first aid certification too. Very reassuring for parents who put their trust in babysitters on their snow holiday that their children are in good hands and whose own experience as babysitters might not have been so regimented as babysitters are today. Victoria has begun to get a few bookings, particularly on a weekend evening, therefore she refers parents onto other babysitters in the area, where possible. ?I know lots of year-round locals (instead of seasonal workers who may move onto other work after the snow melts), I always refer people to mature (over 30 years old) babysitters who have their first aid certifications, Working With Children checks with them, many of them are teachers themselves. ?I don?t feel comfortable referring an eighteen year old to mind a six month old baby for example?, she says. A brisk walk warm up from your accommodation

What Activities Will A Thredbo Babysitter Do With Your Kids?

If Victoria is minding any children during the day she prefers to get them outdoors. ?There?s lots to do around Thredbo village, if they?re older children I can take them down to the Leisure Centre to the pool and the waterslides, if they?re younger we can hop on the free shuttle bus and go around the village or look at a few things, they like the bus ride, then we go back to the accommodation for lunch. We can go to the playground too?. Thredbo has excellent snow school programs?during the day but if your child is not well with a cold or just too shy to mix with others it?s handy to have a babysitter up your sleeve. Evenings are ?great for parents, it gives them a chance to go and have a drink. Anytime Victoria has babysat children at night she says ?the kids are exhausted from skiing all day, they might watch a movie or some TV but generally they just fall into bed after dinner?.

Babysitting Service At Your Apartment

The Lantern Thredbo Apartments is an extensive range of self-contained apartments located all around Thredbo village and if you need a babysitter you can get your children minded in one of the apartments. Most apartments are located in walking distance to either the shuttle bus that goes around the village or are within easy walking distance to the Friday flat or the base of the Kosciuszko chairlift . There is a special for July which is $510 per person for five nights accommodation if the accommodation is booked for during the weekdays (not the weekends). Victoria cautions holidaymakers that in general babysitters are booked up at the last minute for Saturday nights and holidaymakers would have a better chance during the weeknights or weekdays. banjo_apartments_thredbo Thredbo has an excellent range of eating out options, all within walking distance to one of the Lantern Thredbo apartments. The?Knickerbocker restaurant is a favourite, as is Bernti?s. One of the great things about holidaying in Thredbo and having a babysitter mind your children is that you can walk back very quickly to your accommodation if there is a problem such as, a child won't settle for the night. You're not faced with driving long distances back from the city if your child is sick, as you might in Sydney. And you don't need to drive your car to any of the restaurants either. It really is a family town. Get in contact with Thredbo Babysitting if you need child minding services while you're on holiday in Thredbo.