Thredb_Snow_ShovellingIt usually takes until August to develop some decent snow shovelling muscles in Thredbo but winter 2011 has kicked off with a serious upper body workout for the Lantern Thredbo crew. With solid early season snowfalls we had consistent shovelling over a 2 week period and then plenty of clean up work for another couple of weeks after that. With an average snow depth on the mountain of over 150cm, snow falls in July have been on par with record seasons from the past including 1990 and 1981. Last week was warmer and bit on the wet side so the snow depth has dropped back a little but the cold weather is back again now with some more snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. If you are coming to Thredbo this week you could be in luck because it looks as though we may actually get some sunny days towards Thursday. If you have some free time and you want to sneak up to Thredbo for a few days go to our booking site as we still have a few gaps available and some special rates to make it easy for you to drop what you're doing to head to the hills.