The long awaited, ?waiting a bit longer and then waiting some more but now the waiting is over Thredbo All Mountain Trail will open top to bottom for the first time on the 8th of January. ?It has been a long time coming but the tricky top section to this trail has taken some doing with special construction techniques used to reduce impact in the sensitive alpine area above 1850 metres. ?The helicopters were flying non stop in December carrying in the last of the materials to get this track open and the finishing touches are being made as I type. [caption id="attachment_12219" align="alignleft" width="1100"]The Thredbo All Mountain Trail is open for Business Riding the New Thredbo All Mountain Trail[/caption] From this Sunday ?you will be able to ride ?9km on the All Mountain Trail from Eagles Nest at the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift. ?The trail starts behind the building cutting out the punishing Eagles' Way section at the top of the Flow Trail and the Cannonball. ?From there it winds around the Merrit's Falls Area and then heads under the Gunbarrel chairlift before the serious descending kicks in as it flows down to eventually meet the Thredbo Valley Trail. Check out the trail map here The All Mountain Trail is built for riders on standard cross country bikes (preferably with suspension) so you can ride downhill in Thredbo without having to jump on a full DH bike to survive. ?It is still a good idea to wear some body armour particularly if you haven't ridden extended downhill trails before. You can hire armour and bike and what ever else you need here at Thredbo MTB or bring your own. ?Riders can take on a ?full day of downhill MTB in Thredbo for $75 or even less per day on the multi day passes. You can also mix up your downhill riding with the ever expanding cross country trail network in Thredbo including the 19km long Thredbo Valley Trail. ?If you are serious about getting into some long downhill riding then you can be one of the first to Ride the All Mountain Trail and the Thredbo Valley Trail as one track. ?At close to 28km, this has to be some of the best downhill MTB in Australia. Remember our 3 for 2?MTB Packages are available from January 13th on-wards so you can stay for 3 nights and ride for 3 days on the mountain from as low as $282 per person Trail building in Thredbo is a methodical process because the resort is keen to work with the National Parks service to ensure that all the resort trails are low impact on the sensitive environment. The techniques that have been developed in the construction of the upper section of the All Mountain Trail should help to speed up the trail building process as the sustainability and durablity of these tracks are tested, ?Thredbo plans to continue developing new trails on the mountain and the All Mountain Trail is leading the way for future MTB developments in Thredbo.