Person riding mt bike15 NOVEMBER, 2014

Thredbo is rapidly?becoming a mountain biking mecca with an exciting mix of downhill and cross country trails. Being?Australia?s only summer long chairlift accessed downhill,?Thredbo is on the top?of any?biker?s must ride list. There are many easy valley and village trails for those looking for a ride to take in the sights. If you're after an adrenalin downhill thrill, take the Kosciuszko Express to the top and ride the Thredbo Downhill or Kosciuszko Flow Trail.

The team at?Thredbo MTB has you covered for everything mountain biking, with a range of tours and lessons also available. Get on your bike and off onto the tracks, see you in Thredbo!

When:?From November 15th Where:?Thredbo Resort Cost:?Various prices