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The snow season in Thredbo is a busy time but most people who come in late July and August are focused on the weekend trip. ?This means 2 things.

1. ?Weekend accommodation is always heavily booked.

2. ?The busiest days on the mountain are always on the weekends.

So if you can sneak away for a midweek trip to Thredbo?not only will you find the mountain uncrowded with no lift lines and plenty of time to get first 2nd and 3rd tracks when there is fresh snow, ?you will also find some great Thredbo accommodation deals for midweek stays.

We have a few midweek gaps of 2 or 3 nights and we would hate to see these ?sitting empty so we are running our Midwinter Gap Sale. ? These specials are only available when the gap is filled so go to our specials page and choose the Gap Sale Special for the week you'd like to stay??and?see what specials pop up. ?You will save at least 15% and in some cases up to 25%

To check availability online?click the book now button or send an email to bookings@lantern.com.au??or call 02 6457 6600

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