Register for the race or cycle the course before 3 December 2016! L'?tape Australia, The Snowy Mountains and Destination New South Wales are combining forces to bring a unique opportunity for Australian road cyclists. L'?tape is a Tour de France coordinated event providing world class race conditions. Amateur riders can test themselves on either the 126 km ride before the event or sign up for the 157 km race taking place on 3 December. As an added incentive Chris Froome, the Tour de France reigning champion, is riding in the race and will share training tips and tactics. [caption id="attachment_11845" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Chris Froome in the Tour de France 2015 Image source: L'?tape Australia[/caption] Since the website launched L'?tape looks like living up to the hype with pre-registrations for the event pouring in. With estimates of 7,000 riders in the event there are some challenges for event organisers to meet. You can register for the event as an individual or you can ride in teams of 9 riders. Only the first six riders? times count towards the Team Prize.

The Routes

The Race - difficulty rating: hard

  • 4 - 7 hours
  • 157 km
  • 4 feeding zones
  • 2 drinking zones
  • Includes Col de Beloka & Col de Kosciuszko final climb

The Ride - difficulty rating: medium

  • 3 - 6 hours
  • 126 km
  • 3 feeding zones
  • 1 drinking zone
[caption id="attachment_11547" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]French L'Etape Start Similar Scenes to this French L'Etape Start will be on show on December 3rd in the Snowy Mountains[/caption]

What to Expect

Bullocks Flat Ski Tube Terminal in Crackenback is the start for both routes. The Ride finishes in Jindabyne while The Race tackles Col de Kosciuszko, which has an elevation of over 1,700 metres, to reach the finish at Perisher. The Ride has its own challenges namely with Col de Beloka at an elevation of just under 1,300 metres. Participants will need to be extremely fit and take advantage of the feeding and watering stations situated throughout the course. Staying in Thredbo and doing some pre-ride training is highly recommended to make the most of your performance on race day. You can check out the route map here: [caption id="attachment_11846" align="alignnone" width="545"]Route Map of L'?tape Australia Image source: L'?tape Australia[/caption]

How Race Day Will Look

The start for the event will run with military precision with waves of riders leaving the start at the Bullocks Flat Ski Tube terminal and following the Alpine Way back to Jindabyne and the ?Kosciuszko Rd. For this reason the Alpine Way between Jindabyne and the Ski Tube will be closed from 5.30am on race day. Anyone staying in Jindabyne will have to catch the event shuttle buses from Jindabyne to the race course start at the Ski Tube. Fortunately this is not the case ?for L?Etape Australia and Thredbo. The Alpine Way from Thredbo to Bullocks Flat will remain open so anyone who is riding in the event can either drive or make the easy 10km downhill ride from Thredbo to the Start Line. ?There is no doubt that this option will appeal to many people planning for L?Etape so accommodation in Thredbo will probably be very heavily booked over the weekend.

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