Do you go to the supermarket and not know what to buy or where to even begin? People might feel like that when they book Lantern Thredbo accommodation. Too much choice can paralyse one into indecision. Some people are not big fans of asking holiday management for clarification of room layout, amenities, location, whether it has a car space or how far the apartment is from restaurants or shops. The Lantern Thredbo Apartments have a range of four star self-contained apartments in Thredbo that suit families, couples or groups and it really does matter what guests prefer in terms of price, walking distance to restaurants or slopes to get the right apartment for what they plan on doing activity wise. Here is a snapshot of the Lantern Thredbo Apartments to help guests find right holiday accommodation to suit their needs.

Managing Expectations

Whether a holiday is one night or 10 nights the success rests on management of expectations. No different to relationships or life in general. Managing expectations is a good thing as guests know what to expect in advance and make sure they have the appropriate equipment. For example, an apartment with a shower but without a bath may suit adults rather than small children used to being bathed as part of their nightly transition to sleep routine. An apartment without a car space is going to be cheaper, but guests need to then anticipate one of their party parking the car in one of Thredbo?s free overnight??parking bays after unpacking luggage.

Banjo Apartments

[caption id="attachment_6674" align="alignleft" width="300"] Banjo 2 bedroom plus loft[/caption] Banjo Apartments are higher up the mountainside on the Alpine Way as guests drive into Thredbo. Just a short stroll to the Lantern Apartment office and close to Black Bear restaurant. Higher apartments often mean lovely views to the mountain across the valley below and are good for incidental exercise and further away from band or group noise from congregating groups down in the pubs and bars. - Banjo Apartment 3 has great views, a queen bed in the loft area, a single bed downstairs but no bath. - Banjo Apartment 4 has a double fold out couch, one queen and one king. Both Banjo 3 and 4 have parking spaces.

Steamboat Apartments

These apartments are mid-way up the hill, just a very short walk down to the village area for coffees and access to restaurants and bars. Apartment 7 is straight off the street level with just a few stairs and a car space. There are two toilets in the apartment, two king size beds and two single beds. It would suit a family well, the decor is modern and funky with a lovely verandah.

Lantern Apartments

The Lantern Apartments building, where the office is located, is higher up the mountain, easily accessible driving into Thredbo on the Alpine Way. In the winter months a free shuttle bus gets guests easily up and down to the base of the mountain every 10 to 15 minutes. ?All but one Apartment have lovely mountain views. The 3 bedroom, 2 bederoom, 1 bedroom plus loft and one bedroom deluxe apartments all have onsite parking. ?The standard one bedrooms do not. ??This means that in peak periods cars for these apartments with parking in one of the free overnight areas in the village, ?between 2 and 10 minutes walk from the building. ?However a free shuttle bus in winter helps with this transfer.?? The best strategy is to have one of your party unpack the luggage from the car closest to your apartment door, one person goes to park the car while the other person takes the luggage in. It is fairly standard practice in Thredbo, as well as Perisher and many other snow resorts, as parking spaces are at a premium. [caption id="attachment_6579" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lantern Apartments Lantern Apartments[/caption] - Lantern Apartment 4 has no view but has a very decent strip of lawn outside with the little table and chairs set, it is very simple?but comfortable. If I stayed there I would let my toddler or young child play just outside with supervision. It would be particularly lovely in the sun. It has one king bed. It is just 31 steps below the Lantern office. Also on this level are apartments 2 and 3 which have good mountain views but similar access the the ?lawn area. - Lantern Apartment 9 is another simple layout but located on the 3rd floor which is alos the carpark level. This apartment does own an onsite parking space and has a small bath with spa jets, great for the kids. Like most apartments at the Lantern, the bedroom has a?king size bed, that can be un zipped to make 2 singles and then it has a double sofa bed in the living room for the kids. ?It has quite a roomy outdoor verandah, particularly lovely in the sun and a has a gorgeous view.?Also on this level is apartment 10, ?and 11 and 12. - Lantern Apartment 10 has wheelchair access and is on the car park level. It is very comfortable. There is a spa bath on the verandah. A great little apartment for a couple. Very simplistic and pretty. - Lantern Apartment 11?is on the car park level. It is an attractive and modern apartment with alpine decor. It has a gorgeous view from the verandah with a barbecue.?- Lantern Apartment 13 has a car space and is a deluxe apartment. - Lantern Apartment 17 has two sofa beds, a small bath with spa jets, , the queen bedroom and?It has a car space. - Lantern Apartment 25 has a king zip bed, lovely views and a great balcony. - Lantern Apartment 28 has a car space, ?a king zip bed?in both the bedroom and the loft and a bath. It is decorated in modern alpine decor and has great views. The?loft style bedroom upstairs that would suit children old enough not to tumble down stairs or climb over the balustrade (ie climbing-mad toddlers). - Lantern Apartment 29 is similar to apartment 28. - Lantern Apartment 34 is a two bedroom apartment. - Lantern Apartment 35 is a three bedroom apartment.

Lhotsky Apartments

[caption id="attachment_6582" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lhotsky Apartments Lhotsky Apartments[/caption] Lhotsky Apartments are about halfway up the mountain, above the duck pond, just a few minutes walk down to the cafe for coffees in the morning in the village plaza area. - Lhotsky Apartment 3 is spacious enough to accommodate a larger family. ?It has a small balcony overlooking the village green through the gently waving trees, a king zip bed in each bedroom, the ubiquitous sofa bed?and one spa bath. It would be a good apartment for family with 3 or 4?kids . It is above the duck pond and the pump truck and playground and just two minutes walk from the Knickerbocker restaurant, or the ?village square. - Lhotsky Apartment 9 has a king split ?bed, sofa bed??but no bath and ?views filtered through trees rather than the sweeping mountain views of the higher apartments. It has a spacious lounge though and it is closer to the base of mountain. It would be a good apartment for crashing with a mate when your focus was more on activities and drinks than on sitting around the apartment gazing at the mountain. - Lhotsky Apartment 7 is similar to apartment 9. You can sit outside on the table and chairs on a little patio and look down to the village green, which is nice, particularly in the sun in the afternoon or early evening.

Elevation Apartments

[caption id="attachment_5055" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo-Apartment-Holidays Elevation Apartments[/caption] Elevation apartments are modern apartments located one minute walk from Black Bear restaurant about mid-way up the hill. They are close to the Lantern office and further away from the noise of the pubs below. Apartments 1 and 2 are?Penthouse style on the entry level which is straight off the carpark at road level. ?The views are as good as the Lantern but these apartments are much bigger and more modern in decor with plenty of nice features like gas fireplaces, spa baths, built in expresso machines etc.

Further things to note

A free shuttle bus runs people around the village and??to the base of the hill between the June long weekend and the October long weekend. Shuttle buses come every 10 to 15 minutes there is a bus stop right outside the Lantern, Elevation and close to Lhotsky and Steamboat. Don?t forget to call Ian, Jill, Scot or Cheryl in the office at Lantern, give them your family or guest specifics and let them help you make the right choice so you have a great holiday break.