Have you seen information at Thredbo about Interschools Snowsports and wondered what it all meant??Don?t worry, it?s not the creation of one big super-school, it refers to the snow sports during the current snow season. [caption id="attachment_725" align="alignleft" width="300"]Boarder Cross Boarder Cross[/caption] The Interschools Snowsports is a fun competition between kids from all different schools competing against each other to get the best score or time and to make it onto the next level. It?s a great breeding ground for our future stars of the Australian Olympic team. There are seven discipline events including Moguls (bumps), Alpine (racing), and Skier Cross for all skiers. As well as the Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard?Cross for all snowboarders. Racers speed with all their might around ?gates? (poles) to try to beat their competitors? race times. This is 13 year old Zac?s first year competing and he loves the thrill and the atmosphere of the sport. ?Being in the races is nerve racking, and when you race you try to get down the course as fast as you can?. He goes on to say ?At the bottom, you can see your time and you are relieved to have completed the course?. QLD, NSW, ACT, SA and Victorian states in Australia (even the ones without snow) have competitions. This year the NSW State Interschools Snowsports Championships?are in Thredbo during August 28-31. See Interschools Snowsports?for details. [caption id="attachment_1936" align="alignleft" width="300"]Getting some speed up. Getting some speed up.[/caption] So bring along your cheer squad and your smiles. Team managers can get discounted lift tickets at the child rate on the day they are manager. Volunteers are also entitled to a free of charge lift ticket on the day. Looking for Thredbo accommodation for the Interschools? The Lantern Thredbo Apartments is an awesome place to locate your family or friends during the Interschools Snowsports Championship. Apartments are self-contained and within walking distance to the slopes. They have everything you need to make your stay comfortable and are rated one to four star accommodation. Book a midweek stay of three nights or more and save 20% off the standard nightly rate.