It?s a common predicament. You don?t actually ski or snowboard or even love the snow that much. Your new partner loves it though. And the group of friends you?re on a Thredbo holiday with. And the rest of the family. They?re ski fanatics, and you?re not and you don?t want to be a fizzer. Keep abreast of how fit they?re getting by beating them at their own game with these Thredbo activities for non skiers at Thredbo Leisure Centre. Cue in Altitude Training at the Thredbo Leisure Centre The current crop of Commonwealth Games athletes have the right idea. Come to Thredbo to use the Leisure Centre for increased fitness benefits derived from being located at 1365 metres above sea level. [caption id="attachment_6800" align="alignleft" width="245"] Get ahead with your training program[/caption] As humans experience higher altitudes, even modest ones (it doesn?t have to be Everest Base Camp) our blood cells change in accordance with lower oxygen environments, giving greater aerobic benefits than those erived from sea level training. Getting fit on your winter Thredbo holiday with altitude training is an amazing feeling. To arrive with the stresses of the grind in your mind, knowing that when you leave your legs are stronger, your triceps, biceps and shoulders have more definition is amazing. Alia from the Leisure Centre adds ?In this environment your body learns how to operate with less oxygen, so when you go back to your everyday life you feel the benefits?. Workouts & Group Fitness As well as a 50 metre pool, sports hall and rock climbing wall, Thredbo activities at the Leisure Centre include cross?training fitness. Tara from the Leisure Centre recommends Group Power which is a class consisting of core weights (30 minutes) as well as circuit (30 minutes), a variety of strength work targeting abs, butts, thighs, core strength, upper body and getting your heart rate up to burn fat and tone up all at the same time. She also recommends Group Riding (spin) sessions. City gym lovers would be familiar with the rush and workout you get from a stationary bike, while listening to great tunes, the perspiration just rolls off and hard work seems suspiciously like fun. All in a higher altitude than your city gyms, these workouts give you a great edge, along with a better butt and body than when you first walked in the door. Pilates & Yoga Pilates, a gentle but excellent strength workout is available here. As are Vinyasa yoga classes. [caption id="attachment_6839" align="alignleft" width="200"] Yoga strengthens and tones muscles. Image by: Robert Bejil[/caption] Vinyasa is sort of a sneaky body toner, in the way that you don?t realise what amazing benefits it gives your body until you apply it to your everyday life such as go for a run, ski, bike ride or run around after kids. Yoga at the Leisure Centre is one hour long and is available twice a week. Centregy is a combination of yoga and pilates, combining all the best elements and is well worth a try. TRX Class TRX is a class with a difference and well worth trying. There are two types of TRX depending on your inclination and your motivation. The Hardcore TRX is inspired by the Naval Seals and consists of suspension and body weight training and focuses on strength, power and your core. Fit To Ski TRX is an integrated ski/board training program focusing on upper body and lower body to get ready for that burning feeling we all enjoy after a hard day on the snow that lets us know we?ve had a great workout. A class goes for 30 minutes and a swim in the pool is a great way to finish off the session. High Tech Gym If you?re not into classes, or don?t think you?ll get to classes on time when you?re on a Thredbo holiday, don?t forget the high tech gym which is available for use. Here you can set your own pace and focus on whatever parts of the body you prefer. Or continue your own gym program from home here, instead of letting all your hard work fly out the window once you?ve had a couple of late nights with your skiing friends. Fitness Gear If you?ve turned up to your Thredbo holiday unprepared, not realising what great classes are available at the Leisure Centre or what Thredbo activities it offers, that is not a problem at all. [caption id="attachment_6840" align="alignleft" width="300"] Get all the gear you need at the Leisure Centre.?Image by: Evonne[/caption] The Centre sells ?Running Bare? fitness clothes, socks, swimming costumes, goggles, caps as well a variety of men?s gear. ?Salomon? branded shoes are available too. There is really no excuse to be a sloth, unless that?s the way you roll. Leisure Centre Charges In terms of visits, when you pay for 9 visits you get the 10th free. Which is a big incentive to get there and get into it, as we all love free stuff and that includes free visits. If you were savvy enough to secure a?365 pass (snow season plus Leisure Centre pass for an entire year) each class costs $11. For non-365 pass holders the classes are $16 each. Tara says the best thing people love about the Thredbo Leisure Centre is that people ??tone up and feel good and still have down time on their Thredbo holiday?. You cannot get any better than that. Contact Thredbo Leisure Centre by phone: 02 6459 4138, or email: if you require more detailed information. You can also check out their timetable, activities and pricing.