Every full moon between November and March some strange phenomena can be seen around the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. If you are someone who lives life always to the fullest, always in pursuit of a new and exciting experience, join in Sacred Ride?s Full Moon bike ride in Jindabyne. Sound intrigued? Read on. What is it? Once signed up for a Full Moon Ride, all riders leave the Sacred Ride shop in Jindabyne between 5.30pm/6pm and get a lift up to Charlotte?s Pass all together. It?s a good time to meet your fellow riders of all ages and abilities. You can come with a friend, a bunch of friends or just on your own but you won't be riding alone. Groups tend to be between 10 to 15 people, sometimes less. full_moon_rideCharlotte?s Pass is the departure point for the actual bike ride which ascends up Mt Kosciuszko. Enjoy some spectacular views as the sun sets over the Kosciuszko National Park. Nick Davoli from Sacred Ride says ?depending on the weather, we wait for the clear nights, there?s always something special to see. Whether it be a massive group of Bogong Moths or the beautiful view, there?s always something?. Is it Difficult? It?s not an elite riding group scene that will daunt a regular rider or someone not overly fit. Nick says the ride itself is not overly challenging ?it?s steeper in some parts and in those parts people do get off their bike and walk that bit?. He says one of their participants celebrated their 80th birthday on the ride, utilising one of Sacred Ride?s electric bikes that is made available for lesser able or less fit riders. ?It?s a ride everybody can do,? Nick says. What Happens at the top? Nick explains that riders enjoy a local brew of schnaps (from the local distillery just down the road from Thredbo village) and take in the spectacular wilderness scenery of Australia's highest peak. From there it's not all hard work, riders enjoy a descent from Mount Kosciuszko back to Charlotte?s Pass by the light of the full moon. Back at Charlotte?s Pass enjoy a light supper of sandwiches or soup and bread and a glass of champagne, basking in the glow of enjoying a truly unique experience. You might not fly to the moon but you can certainly ride by the light of it. Add the Full Moon Mt. Koscuiszko bike ride to your bucket list. It's not to be missed. What's the Cost? With your own bike the cost is $48 per person (with no equipment hire needed). Otherwise $78 per person gets you hire of helmet, bike and bike light. night-mtb-riding What Should I Wear? You must wear warm and protective clothes to protect you against Alpine evening chills, even if you anticipate breaking into a sweat. Gloves for the hands help warm your fingers, a jacket, long pants and thermals underneath work well. Helmets are essential. Speak to the Sacred Ride staff before you start your ride to check on any outfit needs you might have. How Do We Book? Call the Sacred Ride shop on 02-64561988 and remember bikes rides will be postponed if weather is too inclement. It is an Alpine environment, so trust the professionals in order to make your ride a safe and memorable experience. Thredbo Accommodation Stay at one of the Lantern Thredbo self-contained apartments in Thredbo village. It?s just 30 minutes into the town of Jindabyne and many of the apartments cater specifically for bike riders with bike washing bays and bike lock bays to keep your bikes safe. mountain biking at Lantern Enjoy the rest of your stay in the village, listening to music, eating out, enjoying the pool, tennis courts or just walking around. Enjoy a coffee, check out the shops, there?s plenty of outdoor clothing stores and gift stores. A new women?s pop up clothes store has opened over the winter opposite Central Road cafe in the village plaza, and there are plenty of recent release book titles available from the newsagent. So don?t rush away, stay and have an excellent time. Call Jill or Ian to find an apartment that is right for yourself or your riding party for this November-March full moon riding season.