Yes, it?s that time of the year at schools across the country. That?s right, it?s Christmas craft and colouring in time. Or do I mean DVDs, scrubbing desks and Christmas concerts? Whatever. Catch my drift? There is no better time of the school year to pull your child out of class, jump in the car and have some one-on-one time with a father and son road trip. A fantastic destination for your father and son adventures is Thredbo. Why? Because the place is chocka with Thredbo activities that will appeal to all age groups and genders, so you are sure to find many ways to get some side-by-side time and get your child to open up to you about what is really going on in their life. Get them away from their friends, their screens, the bullies, the nonsense and press the reset button. There?s no better way to put things in perspective than get out into nature.

Educational road trip between Sydney to Thredbo

Are you one of those parents who stress that one or two or three days off school is going to set your child back irrevocably? [caption id="attachment_7709" align="alignleft" width="300"]No time like the present No time like the present[/caption] Sure, that?s a great point if you want to take your child out and head to Time Zone to play those mindless machines, but the Sydney to Thredbo route is exceptionally educational. Geography, History, English, Maths, Science, Physics. Tick tick and triple tick. War Memorial, Canberra - check out the new-ish exhibition about Australia?s role in Afghanistan. Get a visual perspective of World War One and Two, Vietnam, Korea and beyond. Renewable Resources? You get to cover not one but three enroute to Thredbo: - the new Royalla Solar Farm on the outskirts of Canberra, - the wind farms on the Eastern shores of Lake George and - the Hydro Electric capabilities of the Snowy Mountains. I bet they?re not covering those important issues during reruns of Ice Age 3 back at school?

Side-By-Side Thredbo Activities Are Best

Here?s a question. In which scenario do you think you will extract more information from your teenager? Sitting opposite them at dinner firing questions at them? Or sitting side-by-side with them in a car or on a chairlift? [caption id="attachment_6227" align="alignleft" width="300"]Try and beat dad at golf Try and beat dad at golf[/caption] Yep, for the naysayers, feel free to google it. Side-by-side activities are officially the best for SIE (sensitive information extraction). It?s partially the removal of the eye to eye thing, add in some serotonin and vigorous exercise (walking) and bingo...verbal diarrhea (hopefully). Thredbo has every opportunity known to man for side-by-side activities this summer and they?re all open and waiting for you guys to discover: - Golf - Catch a chairlift up the top of the mountain for a bushwalk up, across or just down. - Swimming (ok, maybe not so good for talking but in the car back though...). - Hiking - Mountain bike riding. The Snowy Mountains has just expanded a whole heap of new trails, including a 7 km Thredbo to the Ski tube trail that is picturesque and slightly challenging. - Fly Fishing - Tennis - Alpine Photography touring and camping.

Build Trust

Trust is important but can sometimes be forgotten and can lay dormant until it is reawakened. The Bobsled is an activity designed to reawaken that trust between father and son. [caption id="attachment_7711" align="alignleft" width="300"]Get out into nature and find out what's happening in their world. Get out into nature and find out what's happening in their world.[/caption] Provided he?s not too gangly in stature you could share a sled, otherwise enjoy some adrenalin together going up and down on the bobsled, it really is an all age activity. Test out their ability to wipe the smile off their face.

Best Place to Stay

If you call up the Lantern Thredbo Apartments they will have some accommodation that is perfect for your father and son bonding time. Whether it?s a one bedroom apartment or two, there is a three nights for the price of two special this summer. Unless you prefer more Christmas cards and more Christmas Craft in the lead up to Christmas this year, fathers make time for Thredbo activities with your son a priority. Don?t delay. ?