If you've got aches and pains in your knees, feet or back, there are a few things you need to know before you set out on your 2015 snow trip to Thredbo. Lucy Scotts is a chiropractor and the owner of Oasis Health. She educates us snow lovers ?on the benefits of dropping in for a health assessment prior to even snapping skis or board on your feet. [caption id="attachment_8290" align="alignleft" width="258"]oasis-health Chiropractic care ahead of the season[/caption] "A neurological assessment determines whether your body is in good shape structurally, whether it is aligned well and in good balance. It looks at your joints, your muscles and organs and make sure everything is functioning as it should". She stresses the importance of the link between snow sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, to your body being in good structural alignment. "For snow sports your body needs to be in the best condition it can be and that includes no pain anywhere, it's best if you're fit and strong, as well as being well balanced. The more freely your body moves the better you will ski or snowboard down the slope and move around". Lucy cautions people with existing sporting injuries to hamstrings or joints, that snow activities can exacerbate these injuries, resulting in prolonged injury management instead of more preventative measures. Often people who are not currently suffering from neckache or backache did not think about seeing a chiropractor to get checked out. But preventative care is the future of the wellness movement, and a little preparation means we are getting more hours out of our day on the slopes, resulting in excellent value for money for lift tickets, season passes, and ski ?or snowboarding lessons. [caption id="attachment_4682" align="alignleft" width="300"]Don't let old injuries hold you back. Don't let old injuries hold you back.[/caption] We may not realise our neck or hips are out of alignment, we wouldn't be the first or the last skiers to blame our ski boots or equipment for the day's poor performance. By visiting a chiropractor we can see if our body is in good shape and to reduce any stress in the back or pelvis we may not know about. Especially after carrying small children on our hips or carrying groceries, handbags and luggage favouring one arm. It's certainly something to think about. Lucy and her team see lots of patients after they've had a fall on the snow, putting their back out, or falling poorly onto knees or necks. "We piece people back together after snow holidays," she says. Still, for the sake of a 45 minute neurological assessment for $115 (for new patients), it's innovative science put to excellent use with the sports we love best and the people we love best to do it with. Once you've had?your body checked out and have the all clear to hit the slopes, you'll need a great place to stay in Thredbo village. The Lantern Thredbo Apartments have an extensive range of 1 to 4 bedroom self-contained apartments. [caption id="attachment_5029" align="alignleft" width="300"]Stay-Akuna-Thredbo Akuna-Chalet-Thredbo[/caption] There are apartments at the base of the mountain if you prefer a stroll across to Friday flat or up the top of the mountain for beautiful views all around the mountain for great access to restaurants. A free shuttle bus runs between the June long weekend and the October long weekend. Call Jill or Ian in the office and let them know the specific needs of your skiing or boarding trip. They can guide you as to which apartments are best suited to your Thredbo holiday.